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How to clear a green pool with bleach?

Our team of pool cleaning service is able to get rid of all of the green algae in the pool side. There is nothing worse than a green pool that is growing a disease or a tribe of mosquitoes. Green pools will not stop there if the city gets a hold of the dirty pool its going to result in multiple city fines. Los Angeles does no mess around when it comes to keeping the pool clean from potential community harm.

What grows in green pools?

Green Algae

The most common form of algae in swimming pools is “green” algae.

Green algae varies in color from blue-green to yellow-green to dark-green. It can be free floating in the water (turning the water a hazy green) or can cling to the wall-clinging (patches of green).

Green algae can be treated fairly simply with the right amount of brushing, shocking, and algaecide.


Properly analyze the pool water to ensure the pH is at the proper level. Balance the water chemistry if needed.

Pools treated with chlorine should be brushed thoroughly, then shocked, raising the chlorine levels above 3 ppm.

Also, add a strong dose of Algaecide 60 to the water. Continue to check the pool’s filtration throughout this process to ensure proper water flow.

You may have to repeat this process a few times in order to eradicate the algae 100 percent.

Black Algae

“Black Algae”  is actually blue-green algae. It forms in cracks and crevices on pool surfaces, especially plaster finishes.

We normally find black algae growing in, but not limited to, shady areas of the pool. Black algae is more typically found in concrete or plaster finished pools because of their rough surfaces.

It is known for a heavy slime layer and “skeletal growths” that make it impervious to normal chlorine levels.

Black algae usually doesn’t change the water clarity. It just makes your pool appear to have black spots on the surface.


Properly analyze and balance the water.

Prior to and during treatment, you MUST thoroughly brush the algae in order to “break open” the slime layer. This is a critical step. If you skip it, you’ll prevent the treatment from working.

Shock the pool very aggressively and continue to brush the black algae. Add substantial amounts of Algaecide 60.

Mustard Algae

Mustard algae is a chlorine-resistant form of green algae (yellow-green to brown in color).

It often resembles dirt or sand on the bottom or sides of a pool.

Treatment Same as black algae.

In certain cases, when a pool is full of algae, you have to vacuum the algae directly out of the pool.

You can do this by brushing the algae off the walls, then adding a ‘floc’ to the water. It coagulates the algae and causes it to settle. Once it settles, vacuum it directly out of the pool

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REO Green Waster Pool Drain And Refill Los Angeles
LA’s Premier Property Maintenance drain and wash pool




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