Long Beach Property Preservation

Long Beach Property Preservation

Our team specializes in all types of REO property services. We are able to do your basic trash out, where we focus mainly on getting rid of all of the trash in the home. Whether the trash is furniture or construction debris our team can help pick it up. Trash can be all sorts of trash such as yard debris, construction debris, old furniture and other bulky appliances. We are able to remove construction debris such as dirt, concrete, asphalt and much more construction debris. If you are located in Long Beach, CA and need a junk removal team that can help, just give us a call or click on the link below for your Long Beach Trash out services.

Part of the services we provide is securing homes in Long Beach CA. We are properly trained to board up, fence up, and rekey the entire property.  Our team is properly trained to remove all of the unwanted junk in the foreclosed or abandoned home and properly secure it. We secure the home with board ups when there are windows that need to be covered. We install fences when we know there is a bigger land to secure. At times it is much more of a liability to have the area open for anyone to trespass. Don’t allow the REO property lose any more value than it already does and start securing up the area through our Long Beach securing services. 


Our REO services consist of several different services so the job can get done all at once. We need to make sure the house looks presentable and ready to be back on the estate market. At times previous tenants leave the entire property full of unwanted furniture and trash. The property at times needs repairs and minor fixing and this is where we come in in help. We have the right team to get general repairs fixed out without a problem.  We want to make sure the house looks presentable for potential clients to buy. If the home needs securing services to keep squatters out the home our team can help out as well. For more information click the following link Long Beach REO services.

Our team will help you get your house back on the market. If it is just general repairs you need for the house, our team can help out. We have helped many homes that have needed major repairs. Foreclosed and abandoned homes are one of the most neglected homes around, that is why we are here to help.

Our general repair services are as follows:

Window Repair, Door Repair, Electrical wiring, Plumbing, Roofing, Painting, Rekeying Doors, and many more. For more information on general repairs please click on the following link Long Beach general repairs