Clean-up Your Office Storage

Clean up Your Office Storage

We helped a jury consultant company clean out their storage unit in the basement of their building located in the World Trade Center, downtown Los Angeles.

Half of the storage unit was filed with old files, accumulated over the last 20 years. The other half was a bunch of stuffs: unused and broken office furniture, obsolete computers and printers…

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Cleanup office storage 90071
Cleanup office storage 90071

We moved the old files up to their offices.  Our clients went over the files to see which were to be saved and which could to be discarded.

We cleaned out and removed old unused office furniture, obsolete computers and other items… We removed and discard documents that they did not need.

Now our clients’ storage is clean and organized. It was a lot of work, and we are ready to help you clean out your office and storage.

LACPP is licensed and insured.

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Eddie Zubia

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