Pico Rivera CA Property Board Ups

emergency foreclosure board up pico rivera

Emergency Board Ups Pico Rivera

LACPP.COM; LA’s Premier Property Maintenace we were completing routine cash for keys. A cash for keys is when an occupant of the bank-owned property is occupying a bank asset in Pico Rivera CA.

The usual scenario is a foreclosure that has been recently completed on a property. The property at the auction sale will be reverted back to the lender because the asset did not have a successful bidder at the auction sale.

If someone is occupying a bank-owned asset. The bank will offer the occupants cash for keys.

Cash for Keys more efficient than eviction

The lender offers cash for keys because it is very efficient. The lender does not have to pay attorneys fees to evict the occupants. And the lender can have possession of the property fast and efficient. And does not have to go through the lengthy eviction process.

A cash for keys can usually be completed in a few weeks. The lender will offer cash for the keys of the property.

The occupant must move all their personal property. The occupant must all move all the junk and debris from the property.

The dwelling must be left in a broom swept condition.

2 unit Property Board up

The cash for keys was for a duplex in Pico Rivera CA. Pico Rivera is a small city located in Los Angeles County. Pico Rivera is approximately 11 miles southeast of the City of Los Angeles. On the eastern edge of the Basin in Los Angeles.

We were completing the Cash For Keys on the front unit.

The occupant of the front unit was being cooperative. He was accepting Cash for keys and wanted a fresh start.

It was stressful for the occupants of the front unit. He was aware that the owner was in financial trouble with 2 unit property in Pico Rivera CA.

The previous owner was occupying the back unit. The previous owner was getting bad information from dishonest services that postpone auction sales on properties that are in financial troubles by using loopholes in our court system to prolong foreclosures and evictions.

The end result is always the same. The lender will use eventually get the unlawful occupant out of the property.

The previous owners were also strapped for cash. And he was wrongfully collecting rent from the occupant of the front unit.

Cash For Keys Pico Rivera

We were completing the cash for keys. The occupant of the front unit was ready to move out. He had removed all of his personal property. And he also removes all of the debris. The front unit was in broom swept condition free of all personal property and junk.

The previous occupant received his check for the possession of the property.

Previous Owner Aggressive
We were photos documenting the front unit. Changing the locks and completing all of our necessary due diligence.

The occupant of the back unit confronted us. He was asking what we’re doing. He got very aggressive and asked us to leave the property that he owned free and clear.

I said no. This property belongs to our client.

Pico Rivera Police – LA County Sheriff

We called the police. When the police arrived we showed the police our documentation. The documentation showed that our client was the owner of the property.

We also showed the sheriff our documentation of the recent cash for keys.

The police gave us possession and instructed us to proceed with our work. Changing the locks and completing all of your necessary due diligence.

Emergency Property Board up Pico Rivera

The previous owner was being aggressive. The previous owner said he was going to rent out the property as soon as we left.

I called my client and advised them of the situation. I informed them what the previous owner was saying.

“As soon as you leave, I already have renters ready to occupy the unit.”

The client had just given the cash for keys recipient $3,500.00 to move out.

It would have been a total disaster if new occupants moved into the front unit of the house.

The client would have had to evict the new occupants, spend thousands of dollars in attorney fees or offer the occupants another $3,500.00 to move out via – Cash for keys.

The client is losing tens of thousands of dollars. The previous owner is occupying the back house.

The previous owner was collecting rents from the front unit, while not owning the property.

Fast Property Board UP Pico Rivera
The client approved a complete property board up on the Pico Rivera house on the spot.

LACPP.com; LA’s Premier Property Maintenace
I called a crew that was not too far away. One of the crew members that were on site of the cash for keys went the Home Depot to buy all the necessary items needed for the board:

  • He picked up the following items:
  • 12 sheets of exterior grade 3/4 inch thick plywood
  • 2X4X10 lumber
  • 1/2 inch by 10-inch long carriage bolts
  • 3/4 inch washers for the exterior – plywood – carriage bolt
  • 1/2 washers for inside
  • 1/2 nuts

LACPP.COM; LA’S Premier Property Maintenace Property Boarding

All boarding completed by LACPP.COM; LA’S Premier Property Maintenace completes all boarding to the Los Angeles City standards.

Its the early afternoon and we started with the board up. Within in few hours, the whole front unit was boarded up.

The police told the previous owner. He was not to interfere with our work of boarding up the Pico Rivera Property.

The previous owner was occupying the back unit. The previous owner was fighting his own eviction.

I had a small talk with the officer on site of the emergency complete board up in the Pico Rivera property.

I asked the officer in charge if he would inform the previous owner that he was not to interfere with our work of the fast property board up in Pico Rivera CA.

The officer informed the previous owner that he was not to interfere with our work of boarding up the property. If he interfered to call them out and he would get arrested.