Fire Damage

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Los Angeles Fire Damage Property Services:

  • Remove all debris and junk
  • Board up all openings – doors and windows
  • Fence entire lot

After a fire at a Los Angeles property.  The Los Angeles Fire Department will report the fire to the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.

The Department of Building and Safety will notify the utility company to have the electricity and gas shut off at the fire damaged property for safety.

An inspector will go out to the property to inspect the fire damaged property.

The Departmåent of Building and Safety, Code Enforcement Bureau may site the property.  If the property is opened up the City Inspector will Order property to be boarded up, all the debris removed. and a security chain link fence installed.

Securing the burned structure ensures that the property is locked up.  A property that has all the openings boarded up, a security chain link fence and the debris hauled away is a safe property.   

If the property owner fails to secure the property and maintain the property free of debris.  The city will have the work done by City Contractors.  The city will place liens on the title of the property.  The liens will include penalty assessments, administrative costs, penalty warnings, non compliance fees. 

Department of Building And Safety Fees and Penalties

Penalties and fees that are accessed by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety is $1000.00  per day and per violation.  If a property has a few violations.  The violation could be several thousand dollars per day.

The owner of property may be subject to both civil and criminal penalties pursuant to L.A.M.C. Section 98.0704 and L.A.M.C. Section 98.0713

Remove Debris Fence and Board Up Property

Unsafe and unsecure fire damaged properties must be cleaned of debris according to L.A.M.C. Section(s) 98.0706.(a) and L.A.M.C. Section 98.0706.(b)

fire damged house services

Unsafe and unsecure fire damaged properties must have all the openings boarded up according to L.A.M.C. Section 98.0706.(c)

Unsafe and unsecure fire damaged properties the entire lot must be fenced according to  L.A.M.C. Section 98.0706.(d)

Security and Safety First.  A fire damaged property / structure causes deterioration and instability to the neighborhood where the property is located.  The fire damaged property is considered a nuisance that threatens the safety and welfare of the residents of the surrounding properties.  Especially if there are children in the neighboring properties that can wander into the property.

boarding up a building after fire

The inspector will likely issue a Notice of Order to Abate the Structure.  The Department of Building and Safety may also issue an order to File a Statement of Intent.

The purpose of the Los Angeles City Statement of Intent is to eliminate the nuisance condition of the subject property and the rehabilitation plan. 

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Keep a fire damaged property safe by completing an emergency fire damage board up Service.