Pasadena Property Preservation

Property Preservation Pasadena

Pasadena Property Preservation

Pasadena Property Preservation is fully licensed and insured property preservation company safeguarding, servicing REO bank owned assets. Protecting bank owned properties and keeping the neighborhood safe.

Pasadena Property Preservation has successfully completed thousands of jobs. The REO orders including, safeguarding, protecting, securing, trashing out, lawn services, maid services and general repairs on REO properties.

Pasadena REO Trash Out Services

Property Preservation Pasadena works with national preservation, loan servicing companies, credit unions, banks, property owners, asset managers, governmental agencies, REO listing agents, REO asset companies ensuring bank owned, REO, vacant properties, high-risk properties, abandoned properties are safe, secure and protected. Keeping the neighborhood safe, and the investor protected.

Pasadena trash out clean out
Trash out job in Pasadena

Property Preservation Pasadena – Trash Outs – Debris Removal
Property Preservation Pasadena has completed thousands of  bank owned property trash outs, debris removal, junk hauling, junk removal services. We will remove all debris, from the interior and exterior of the property. A bank owned property that is free of all debris and junk are safer for the property and keeps the neighborhood safe. An REO property that has been trash out and is free of junk, debris and hazardous material is in a better marketable condition. It is not advisable to have the REO listing agents, buyer’s agents, or buyers walk through a property that is full of debris and junk. All the junk that will be removed from the asset will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner 100% green. We follow all local, city, state, federal and EPA guidelines when cleaning out bank owned REO properties. Emergency junk hauling in Pasadena is available.

Pasadena Property Preservation – Securing

REO Bank Owned Property Securing Pasadena
Property Preseravtion Pasadena, securing bank owned properties

Property Preservation Pasadena has secured thousands of Bank Owned, REO, Asset Securing in Pasadena, California. Securing bank owned property keeps the asset secure, the neighborhood and its residents secure. An REO vacant property that is not secured is a liability to the client. An unsecured property could be a nuisance to the neighborhood and invites transients to trespass on the bank-owned assets. Emergency property securing Pasadena is available.

Pasadena Property Preservation – Bank owned securing property has completed the following services:

Sheriff Lock Out Eviction
Property Rekeying – Any Key code to clients specifications
Window Boarding
Complete Boards Ups
Plywood Security Doors
Pool Boarding
10 ft high chain link fence – per city code

Property Preservation Pasadena REO Services

Pasadena Property Preservation offers the following services for bank-owned properties, REO properties in Pasadena, CA. A well-maintained property that is clean of junk and debris is more appealing to potential buyers. We service overgrown grass in Pasadena, overgrown shrubs, overgrown trees in an immediate red flag to homeless and potential squatters on a vacant property or abandoned properties. REO Pasadena maid service, bank owned properties cleanups, REO yard services Pasadena, grass cuts, tree trimming services, Bank owned assets. Emergency property preservation service is available in Pasadena.

Property Preservation Pasadena
Pasadena Property Preservation, servicing reo bank owned properties. REO Securing, REO Trashout, REO Lawn Services, REO Services, REO Repairs

Pasadena Property Preservation – Personal Property

Vacant properties, abandoned properties in Pasadena CA are sometimes left with personal property. Different clients have different guidelines when it comes to dealing with personal property on an REO vacant bank-owned property. We will move personal property off-site to storage facilities.

Pasadena Property Preservation Repairs – REO Bank Owned Properties

Pasadena Fence Repair Services
Pasadena Fence Repair Services

General Repairs on bank-owned properties. Pasadena REO Services has completed hundreds of plumbing, electrical, roofing, doors, windows repair Pasadena. A small roof leak or small plumbing leak on a bank asset REO bank owned property can cause thousands of dollars in damages. Preventative repairs can save the client thousands of dollars on a vacant abandoned bank owned property. Emergency property preservation repairs are available in Pasadena, CA

REO Repairs Property Preservation Pasadena CA

E.g. We recently completed an emergency plumbing repair in Pasadena. We unclogged the main sewer line on a four-unit bank owned property. The housing authority that was involved with the property was threatening to exercise their rights and impose fines to the property owner for non-compliance.

The City of Pasadena, California is approximately ten miles north of downtown Los Angeles. Pasadena is known for several things including, The Rose Bowl football game and the Tournament of Roses Parade. The Pasadena Rose Parade is America’s New Year celebration. The parade in Pasadena is seen by millions all around the world.