Pasadena REO securing

Pasadena REO securing

Pasadena REO Bank Owned Property Securing
Installs, maintains, and repairs locks, key systems, and door hardware pasadena

Securing REO – Real Estate Owned Properties.

Pasadena Property Preservation has completed thousands of securing orders for bank owned properties in Pasadena, CA. Bank Owned properties are usually abandoned or foreclosed properties that are owned by a bank, a real estate lender, a servicing company, a credit union, bank etc.…

An REO bank owned property that is not secure is a potential liability for the investor property owner. An unsecured property is a nuisance to the neighborhood. An unsecure property invites homeless, transients, drug users to the property. Emergency Bank Owned property securing in Pasadena, California is available.

We have will change the locks on all doors, including the front metal door, the front wood door, the back wood door, the back metal door, the side kitchen wood door, the side kitchen metal door, the garage man door, the garage overhead door, the garage overhead door is secured by placing a long shackle padlock on the tracks of the garage door.

We will place padlocks on the front gate, back gate, driveway gate.

We will rekey the bank owned REO property to the client’s specific key cut specifications. We can create a unique key cut for any specific clients. This will help the listing agent to have one set of keys for all their REO properties.

Upon the clients’ request, we will install a lockbox with two keys and padlock keys to the subject property.

Vacant Property Window Boarding Pasadena
Property Preservation Pasadena will board and broken or missing windows. All window boarding is completed to city specifications.

Materials used for boarding broken windows or boarding up a vacant or abandoned property in Pasadena, CA.

    • ¾ inch plywood
    • 2”X4” studs
    • ½ inch by 12” long carriage bolts
    • ½ washer

Vacant Property Door Boarding Pasadena
Property Preservation Pasadena will board and broken or missing doors. All Door boarding is completed to city specifications.

We have completed thousands of bank-owned property rekey in Pasadena for real estate brokers and agents just like you.