E-Waste Management and Recycling Downtown Los Angeles

Unwanted Electronics Pickup
E-waste Pickup Downtown Los Angeles

It’s Illegal in California to NOT Properly Dispose of E-waste – Electronics

Los Angeles Premiere Property Maintenance will haul away, recycle dispose of any E-waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment – weee. Also known as electronics, computers, monitors, hard drives, computer servers, mainframes, printers, scanners, phone systems …
All you have to do is point and the E-waste hauling specialist at Los Angeles Premiere property maintenance will take care of the rest.

Computers, Monitors, Televisions, Printers, Fax Machines, Copiers, Hard Drives, Stereos, Video Cassette Recorders, or any other electronic products that can be plugged or anything that has a circuit board, are not to be disposed of in the regular garbage – California E-Waste Management.

Unwanted electronics e-waste in California landfills will potentially cause severe impacts on our environment with health risks and our future generations.

Technology and electronic gadgets are advancing at the speed of light. Millions of unwanted obsolete computers, printers, electronic gadgets, monitors, computer screens, plasma screens, printers, fax machines, hard drives, servers, phones systems, lab tops, keyboards, optical drives, video cassette recorders, tape drives, arcade machines, radio’s, stereo’s, and more must be properly handled or recycled. Also known as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment is known as WEEE or E-waste. Contain CRT, toxic materials such as lead, cadmium, barium, yttrium, harmful dust and fluorescent powders which must be properly handled. It is harmful to humans, and the environment when exposed to these harmful substances and gases.

Obsolete electronic gadgets, unwanted printers, old fax machines, non-working monitors, non-working computers, contain hazardous materials. When properly hauled away or disposed of pose low risk to people and the environment.

CRT – Cathode Ray Tube Glass – E-waste – Unwanted Obsolete Electronics
The cathode ray tube is a vacuum tube that contains electron guns. Cathode Ray Tube is also known as CRT. Sometimes more than one electron guns. The cathode ray tube is used to display images on a screen.
Televisions, LCDs, Plasma displays, use CRT to display images on screens. CRT has the power of thousands of 60 watt light bulbs. Cathode and Anode are terms used as synonyms for negative and positive terminals. The anode is a commonly referred to as a positive battery terminal. The cathode is commonly referred to as a negative battery terminal.


Hazardous Material in Cathode Ray Tube – CRT

The gas in Cathode Ray Tube is Apparatus.

Kipp’s apparatus is a glassware used by laboratories. It is a system used to add liquid or gas to an existing substance. Inside the electronics such as monitors, plasmas and other equipment. The electronic equipment is combining different types of hazardous materials.

How is lead harmful in E-Waste?

The exposure of lead can cause anemia, weakness, kidney and brain damage. High exposure to lead can cause death. Lead can cause harm to pregnant women. Lead has been known to cross the placental barrier. Lead will cause damage to a developing baby’s nervous system.

How is Cadmium harmful in E-Waste?

Cadmium is harmful to the human body even at low levels. Cadmium will produce a number of health problems to humans known as carcinogen. Cadmium is regulated by the Environmental protection agency – the EPA. The human body negative effect cardiovascular system, reproductive system, the kidneys, the eyes, blood pressure, prostate function, testosterone levels, induces bone damage and will cause harm to the brain. In children, cadmium can cause damage including renal and dopaminergic system. Cadmium has been linked to cancer.


How is Barium harmful in E-Waste?

Large amounts of Barium in humans that did not seek medical attention have died. Small amounts of Barium in humans have experienced vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, decrease or increase blood pressure, face numbness, abnormal heart rates, damage to kidneys, will cause damage to the reproduction system in humans. Barium has been linked to causing cancer.


How is Yttrium harmful in E-waste?

Yttrium is found in the gases of E-waste. Yttrium is can be inhaled in the air. Yttrium will cause lung embolisms. Yttrium can also cause cancer in humans. In water animals, Yttrium causes damage to the cell membrane, several negative effects on the reproduction and functions of the nervous system.