REO Property Secure in Los Angeles

Find out what is the risk of your property being broken in, what to do, and all about emergency secure Los Angeles 90001.

So your property is broken in, what is the risk?

Vacant and abandoned properties are a big liability for owners and lien holders in Los Angeles County. Squatters, the homeless and drug users may break in and occupy your properties. Scam artists deal the worst damage. They produce fake lease agreements to new tenants. Each case costs the owner and management company thousands of dollars in legal fees and relocation cost to remove scammed occupants.Time matters, so take care of your problems as soon as possible with our emergency secure services.

Los Angeles County Property Preservation (LACPP)

LACPP is the seasonal expert to take care of your emergency secure need in Los Angeles 90001.Since 2007, we have secure several thousand properties with for companies: Safeguard Properties, Horizon Management / HomEq, OCWEN Realty Advisors, Triangle Preservation Company, Freeway Financial…

Speak to the field person

It’s an emergency, so you don’t want to deal with answering services nor dispatch center, no referral hot lines. Time matters, so call us to speak personally to an expert and get a free estimate.No referral, no middle man, no salesclerk. You talk directly to a field person, who will be on site as soon as possible.

How do we secure your property?

board up secure los angeles Our locksmiths will install lock boxes on your property with a specific lock combination. We use specific key cuts for locks. We also provide heavy duty boarding, metal doors and post “No Trespassing” signs. Los Angeles County Preservation protects your real estate owned properties, bank foreclosed properties, bank owned properties and your abandoned properties by boarding up their doors and windows.To maximize protection for your property, we board up all exterior openings as well as the front, side, and back doors of your property with plywood. We add padlocks with the same key cuts to all entrances, and add plywood to all windows.

Call LACPP for emergency secure Los Angeles 90071

LACPP can act quickly to protect your properties. We are well qualified for emergency secure and board up in Los Angeles.We are fully licensed and insured, so your property will be well protected ,and you can have peace of mind.
Emergency Secure Los Angeles 90001