Property Code Violations

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When you receive a correction notice from a branch of the City of Los Angeles:

  • Department of Building And Safety
  • Housing Authority of Los Angeles
  • Code Enforcement Bureau
  • Department of Public Health
  • Public Health Environment

The common Notices that are ordered are:

  • Notice to Comply
  • Notice of Substandard Conditions
  • Order to Comply
  • Code Compliance

The current owner is responsible to correct any violations, notice of substandard, order to comply…

LA’s Premier can help you with:

  • Quote for Repairs
  • Pull Necessary Permits
  • Complete necessary Repairs
  • Meet with inspectors
  • Work with inspectors 
  • Close Out File with City of Los Angeles

Financing Available

Immediate action should be taken to cure the substandards, code violations, order to comply, building violations.

The inspectors, the city officials are friendly and want a reasonable action plan to correct the violations. 

When corrections are not addressed in a timely manner.  The city officials are forced to start imposing penalties, fees,  and sanctions.

If no action is taken the case will be forwarded to the City Attorneys.

Criminal charges may be filed against the property.

Liens fees will be placed on the property.  Some of the lien amounts could get substantial.

The liens are factured by:

  • By Violations
  • By Structure
  • By Day

Most properties will have several violations.

Some of the violations could be as high as $1,000.00 – one thousand dollars per day per violations.

LA’s Premier Property Maintenance 30 yrs Los Angeles Real Experience – Building and Safety

Recent Job by LA’s Premier Property Maintenance. A property owner was issued a Notice of Order to Abate Vacant Structure, Notice of Fee and File Statement of Intent – From the Code Enforcement Bureau. The property became a public nuisance to the property. Squatters, homeless and gang members started staying in the property. They caused an electrical fire in the house endangering the surrounding property. The city was requiring the property be cleaned up of all waste, rubbish, debris. The property bee completely boarded up. And the entire lot of the property be fenced.

The assessment for the work to be completed was approximately $20,000.00 plus $8,000.00 administrative costs.