Van Nuys Property Preservation


Van Nuys Trash Out Services

Our team can help out on your Van Nuys trash out. Our team at Los Angeles Property Preservation is able to help you clean your Van Nuys property in no time. We understand that getting your house cleaned up can get really stressful. That is why we are here to help out. We provide Van Nuys REO junk hauling. By simply removing all of the furniture, and trash left behind. Our team can fulfill all of your REO junk removal services.

Van Nuys Securing Services


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Allow us to help you secure the bank owned property. Our team at Los Angeles Property Preservation is able to help you secure your Van Nuys home through the following services:

Van Nuys rekeying – By making sure that every door in the home gets rekeyed. We also rekey your gate doors if needed.

Van Nuys eviction services– Our services also consist of evictions if needed. We take safety precautions and involve law enforcement. The last thing we want is tenants to get hostile with our team.

Van Nuys board ups-board ups are especially needed when there is often trespassers that are breaking in.

Van Nuys fencing-fence ups can be placed if needed. This is mainly needed when the land has a big yard. At times boarding and rekeying property is not enough and boarding up the home is the best solution.

Van Nuys REO securing is part of the REO services we provide.

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Van Nuys REO services

Van Nuys REO Services

Van Nuys maid services-consists of deep cleaning services. No need to remove the junk and clean it yourself. Allow our team of junk removal experts remove it for you.

Van Nuys REO maid services-Services such as cleaning the entire floor, walls, restrooms, and many more. We understand that cleaning is not for everyone. It can be lots of hard work that requires tools and supplies. We have got you completely covered when it comes to deep cleaning your home through our maid services.

Van Nuys grass cut-Our team is able to fully cut out the yard that has grown out in the backyard. We understand that after time backyards grow long, and are unkept. Essentially this makes the property lose value. Yard removal includes Van Nuys tree removal services as well. Trees can also be left unkept, therefore, leaving the tree to fall apart. What our team can do for you is remove branches that are blocking.

We also provide REO bank owned home furniture removal. What ends up happening when there is a foreclosed home, the bank moves personals to a storage location. Our team is able to take images of the loaded items that are going to the storage facility. The debtors have a 30-day grace to pick up their junk from the storage facility.

Van Nuys Repair Services

The Van Nuys repairs that we work on are very simple.

Van Nuys general repairs– Our team at Los Angeles Property Preservation is able to work on repairs that are needed around the home. A good example would be paint jobs needed in the home or electrical repairs. Van Nuys fence repair is one of the other services our team provides.   We are able to do your Van Nuys door repairs as well. We understand that after the years your doors and cabinet doors go through some wear and tear. That is why we are here to help you out.  Our team can help you with your Van Nuys window repair, Van Nuys plumbing repairs, roofing repairs, electrical repair and many more.