Homeless Removal

Homeless Removal and Homeless Clean Up

Clear Out Homeless Los Angeles

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LA’S Premier Property Maintenance; LACPP.COM is a professional Homeless campground clean up company in Los Angeles. We have cleaned up thousands of properties with Los Angeles homeless sites with tents, huts, shacks and make shift shelter.

Homeless will destroy your property. They will cause thousands of dollars of damages. They will steal everything and anything. They will strip the property of any copper, metal, piping, wiring. They will cause tens of thousands even hundreds of dollars by stripping the property in the process.

Homeless will have drug paraphernalia, drugs, weapons, sharp objects that require special handling and other precautions will have to be taken, when cleaning up the homeless encampment. The items must also be disposed of responsibly.

Homeless are not clean or practice cleanliness. They will contiminate the area with spoiled food, feces, urine, vomit and other bio hazardous materials that need to be removed by professional bio hazard clean up crews.

Los Angeles Homeless are filthy. Homeless are mentally unstable. Homeless are drug users and carry diseases homeless campgrounds are hazardous and dangerous. LA’S Premier Property Maintenance will complete your homeless and squatter garbage, tents, makeshift house and clear out the area.

Homeless Encampments must be taken serious. Homeless camp sites need to be cleaned up. The junk must be thrown out responsibly and the area must be deep cleaned and sanitized.