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Notice of NonCompliance Remove Dead Trees and Vegetation

I received a call from a worried real estate listing agent.  The Los Angeles Fire Department filed a Notice of NonCompliance, for a property that she was servicing.  The property was a bank owned REO property.

City of Los Angeles Fire Department Notice of Non Compliance

The Fire Department cited the property for – L.A.M.C. Section 57.322:

Maintain all weeds and grasses at a maximum height of 3 inches.  Some of weeds were 18 inches high. 

Remove all dead trees, shrubs and vegetation.  On the property there were 2 dead trees.  The dead trees were approximately 30 feet high.

The property was going to be re-inspected in a couple of days.  If the dead trees and the overgrown weeds were not removed the Fire Marshall was going to assess a fee of $508.00 The City may also complete the work on behalf of the Lender.  The costs, including administrative fees and special assessment would be charged to the property.  A lien will be placed on the title of property. – LA’s Premiere Property Maintenance immediately got to work.  3 crews were scheduled to property.  A shrub clearing crew, a tree removal crew, and cleanup crew.

Each of the crews did their jobs.  All the dead, dried, overgrown grass and weeds were removed.  The 2 dead trees were cut down.  The property preservation crew completed their work and the property looked great.

The Real Estate Owned Listing Agent was relieved for several reasons.  She did not was to be charged for the property not being in compliance.  More importantly it would reflect badly on her if the property she was overseeing was assessed penalties.

We have over 30 years of Los Angeles real estate experience.  We have completed thousands of emergency jobs.  Hauling away junk, shrub clearing, dead tree removal, boarding properties, fencing properties, roof repairs …

Before During and After Photos of a recent job of cutting down and hauling away a dead tree.

Dead Ash Tree Removal is a property preservation company servicing the Los Angeles area. It is unsafe to keep a dead tree. A dead tree can if it falls can cause a lot damage. A dead tree can also fall on the house or on a people.
Tree Trimmer cutting down a dead tree.
Tree Trimmer Cutting Down a Dead Tree
Tree trimmer cutting down a dead tree. The tree was in danger
of falling and causing damage.
House with a dead tree cut down. The cut tree branches
and truck was throughout the yard.
Los Angeles Dump Truck filled with a cut down the dead tree that was in danger of falling and
causing damage.