Sherman Oaks Property Board ups

sherman oaks CA property board up
Sherman oaks CA property board up

Property Board Up Sherman Oaks CA

LACPP.COM; LA’S Premier Property Maintenance – we received a call from one of our clients.

Our client – a California Real Estate Broker had a real estate listing on a property in Sherman Oaks, CA.

The neighbor called the broker and informed him that there was a U-Haul truck in the driveway of my client’s real estate owned property.

There was a group of people that were moving into the property.

The property was foreclosed on approximately one year before.

The lender has not been able to list the property for sale because the previous owner lost the property to a foreclosure sale. The property reverted back to the lender.

The previous owner has filled frivolous lawsuits against the lender of the property.

The lender has not been able to sell the asset because of the pending litigation.

The real estate listing broker confronted the people that were moving into the property – adverse possession squatters.

The professional squatters assaulted the real estate listing broker.

The real estate listing agent called the police.

The squatters left.

The listing broker asked LACPP.COM; LA’s Premier Property Maintenance to secure the property as best as possible.

The broker has concerned the people that were trying to move into the property would come back and move into the property.

I went to the local home depot to get some heavy-duty hardware.

Complete Property Board Us * Window Boarding * Door Boarding in the following Sherman Oaks Zip Codes

  • Sherman Oaks CA 91401
  • Sherman Oaks CA 91403
  • Sherman Oaks CA 91411
  • Sherman Oaks CA 91413
  • Sherman Oaks CA 91423
  • Sherman Oaks CA 91495

Complete Property Board UP All Windows and Doors

Materials used for complete property board-ups:

Exterior Grade 3/4 Plywood, 2X4X10, carriage bolts, nuts, washers.

professional board up service Sherman Oaks Ca
emergency bank-owned property board up Sherman Oaks ca

We showed up at the property at 7 am.

We boarded the bottom floor of the Sherman Oaks California Property. After LACPP.COM boarded up the property. There were no more issues at the property. No more squatters meddling with the property.