North Hollywood CA Emergency Board up

Securing Property Window and Door Boarding

I received a call from a property developer.  The developer had recently purchased a big lot in North Hollywood CA.  The property had two big houses on it. The properties were in very poor condition.  

When he purchased the property, the two houses were vacant.  The property was completely free of debris.

The developer is in the process of building several brand new units on the lot.

Con men found the vacant property.  They immediately moved into the property.  They by-passed the electrical meter. They were getting electricity without paying the electric company.

Emergency property board ups in the north hollywood area and in the Los Angeles area.

There are professional crews that move into vacant properties and attempt to take ownership of the property through adverse possession.

The property owner was very frustrated.  There were squatters living on his property.  He asked them to leave several times. They wouldn’t leave the property.  

He called the Los Angeles Police Department that patrols the North Hollywood Area.

He made an appointment to meet an LAPD Sergeant at the property. 

The police asked the occupants to leave the property.  The squatters had a rental agreement.  

The owner of the property was present.  He told them that he had not rented the property to them.  

The squatters were asked to show their Identification.  The squatters refused. And it got heated from there. The police sergeant called for more back up.

The police sergeant caught the squatters in a few lies.  One of the squatters had a warrant for his arrest. The police arrested him.  The other squatters were kicked out of the property.

The police advised the property owner to board up and fence the property. He Immediately board up and immediately fenced the property.

He contacted LACPP.COM; LA’s Premier Property Maintenance to board up and fence up the property.