Fences and Gates

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Los Angeles Best Property Fencing And Securing

LA’s Premier Property Maintenance; LACPP.com has fenced hundreds of properties that are unsafe and or a nuisance to the community.

LA’s Premier Property Maintenance; LACPP.COm has installed hundreds of fences and gates on the following:

Police Ordered Fences
LAPD Ordered Fences
Sheriff Ordered Fences
Squatter Property Fencing
Drug Selling Activity Property Fencing
Drug Using Activity Property Fencing
Illegal Activity Property Fencing
Criminal Activity Property Fencing
Code Enforcement Ordered Fences
City Ordered Fences
Court Ordered Fences
Judge Ordered Fences
Housing Authority Ordered Fences
Abatement Property Fences
Public Nuisance Property Fencing
Nuisance Property Fencing
Unsafe Property Fences
Vacant Property Fences
Abandoned Property Fences
Foreclosure Property Fencing
Bank Owned Property Fences
REO Property Fencing
Real Estate Owned Property Fences
and more…

LACPP.COM; LA’s Premier Property Maintenance has installed chain link fences that are either 8′ feet high or 10′ feet high fencing.

Fence and Gate Requirement

The fence must have a gate or gates that will have an opening of 10’feet (ten feet) wide opening. The ten-foot opening gates are required in case there is a fire in the property. If there is a fire the ten-foot gate wide opening will allow a fire truck and firefighters to enter the property and put out the fire.

The height on the fence depends on the order of the code enforcement officer, police officer or authority or governmental agency ordering the securing of the property that is unsafe or a nuisance to the community.