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Vacant and Abandoned Properties are a Big Problem in the City Of Los Angeles

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The Citywide Nuisance Abatement Program (CNAP) started in 1997.  The abatement Nuisance Program began as a solution to vacant and abandoned nuisance properties.

The purpose was to keep the city, the city’s citizens, and the city’s real estate property safe and secure.  Before the CNAP there was no existing protocol when a property became vacant, abandoned and a nuisance.
Citywide Nuisance Abatement Program (CNAP) is a multiple agency task force. 

The Los Angeles Agencies that are involved with the Program are to Abate Nuisance Properties Citywide are:  The Los Angeles Police Department, The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office,The Department of Building And Safety, The Housing Authority, The Planning Department and the City Counsel.

The Citywide Nuisance Abatement Task force was formed to identify vacant and abandoned properties.

Eyesore Vacant Properties

Properties that are being rehabbed, redeveloped or demoed must be kept secure, clean and safe for the people who live in the neighborhood.  The property must be properly boarded and fenced.  No construction debris should be left outside of the property.  If these requirements are not followed, the property will become an eyesore for the neighboring

Owners Responsibility Secure Vacant Properties

It is the responsibility of the owner to secure vacant properties.  If the owner does not follow the city’s safety requirements, it may be unsafe for people. If someone gets hurt on a vacant property, it will be the owner’s responsibility. If a neighboring property is hurt or damaged, it will be the owner’s responsibility. If the vacant property brings problems to the
neighborhood, it will be the owner’s responsibility. It is ultimately the owner’s responsibility to make sure that the vacant property is kept secured, boarded and well maintained for the safety of people, other properties and the neighborhood.

Homeless and Squatters Vacant Properties

Homeless and squatters will use the foreclosure, vacant and abandoned property for shelter. Homeless and squatters will start cooking food and drugs.  Most vacant and abandoned properties do not have running water.  Homeless and squatters will clog up the
toilet bowls with feces. This behavior will continue through out the rest of the property.
Making the property an undesired place within the neighborhood.

Drug Paraphernalia Vacant and Abandoned Properties

Drug paraphernalia is a serious problem. We have cleaned out hundreds of properties that have been taken over by squatters and homeless.  Most properties will have drug paraphernalia throughout the property.  Properties with syringes are the most dangerous to clean out.  We have come across pipes, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and
other drug paraphernalia.

Gang Members Vacant and Abandoned Properties Los Angeles
Gangs can also be a serious and dangerous problem. The local street gang enter vacant and abandoned properties.  Once the gangs take over the property, the problems begin. In the past, the gang members have used the property as a stash house to store drugs, weapons and more. Gangsters have used the nuisance properties and converted them into brothels. The criminals have also used abandoned dwellings and made them into drug houses.  The mobsters sell a great amount of drugs out of the property. Gang members bring a multitude of problems to the vacant and abandoned properties. These problems also affect the surrounding properties, the entire neighborhood as a whole.

Crime Vacant Abandoned Nuisance Properties

Abandoned, Foreclosed, Vacant properties, commercial properties, dwellings, structures are linked to an increase rate of arson and crime. Since these properties are vacant and not properly secured, they are easily subject to any crime, such as fires, drugs, gang related, loitering, stash house and prostitution. These properties are a nuisance. They decline the value of the surrounding properties.

Vacant Property Ordinance Los Angeles – CA

The City of Los Angeles Officials encourages a voluntary compliance from property owners to secure the property.  The property needs to be boarded up according to the City of Los Angeles Building and Safety requirements.  The property must also be secured with an 8ft high chain link fence. The vacant property must be maintained free a debris and graffiti. The landscape must also be kept trimmed and well maintained.

Vacant and Abandoned Properties – Not Maintained

When a property is not maintained in accordance with the City of Los Angeles Building and Safety requirements there are serious consequences. The City Officials will order the City of Los Angeles Contractors to clean out the property of all its debris, to board up the property and to secure the property with an 8ft high chain link fence.

Abandoned and Vacant Properties
Abandoned and vacant properties can be vacant for years.  Most of the time, a vacant and abandoned property becomes deteriorated and it devalues the neighborhood.  The grass, weeds and trees become overgrown.  The appearance of the property will become an eye sore. Most vacant and abandoned properties become unsecured. 

Squatters, homeless, scammers and local gang members will break into the property. This can create a problem for the neighborhood as a whole. Vacant and abandoned properties become a nuisance to the neighborhood.  Initially the neighborhood kids will trespass and explore the property. On the light side, they will just want to hang out in the property. But with out any adult supervision, this may cause problems.

Kids will not be safe.
Squatters and homeless will move into vacant and abandoned properties. They will destroy the property by making a mess, cooking and doing drugs. They will come and go whenever they please. They will congregate during odd hours of the day, specially during the evening/night hours. All this will create an unsafe environment and nuisance for the neighborhood.

Scammers will find vacant properties and repossess them. They will pretend to be the owner of the property. They will rent out the property to innocent people and take advantage of them. Scammers will also file fake documentation of the property. They will attempt to steal the property by forging legal documents and record them. The gang members will take over the property and hang out in the house or building.  They will use the house to stash drugs and get high in the property.  They will cook food and drugs in the property.  They will sell drugs out of the property.  Gangs will also use the property as a chop shop to dismantle stolen cars.

Vacant properties have been used as brothels. Vacant properties are not safe for a neighborhood.

30 Years of Real Estate Experience
After 30 years of working in different areas of real estate, I have seen a lot. Real Estate
includes so much. The more I learn and know about real estate, I realize that it is huge. I
have worked closely with the Department of Los Angeles Building and Safety. I am fully
knowledgeable about their requirements.
A property becomes vacant or abandoned for many possible reasons.  Here are a few to

  1. Permit Process
  2. Beneficiaries
  3. Bankruptcy
  4. Legal Disputes
  5. Estate Disputes
  6. Heir Disputes
  7. Foreclosure
  8. Fictitious Lawsuit
  9. Abandoned
  10. Scammers Steal Properties

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