Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal Los Angeles


Los Angeles County Property Preservations have completed thousand of graffiti removal Los Angeles jobs, protecting assets for bank owned, reo properties.  Most graffiti removal, graffiti elimination, paint over graffiti are completed in 2 days/ 48 hours.

Graffiti on Bank Owned Properties

REO Properties in Los Angeles are imposed a fine of one thousand dollars per day ($1,000.00), not to exceed One Hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00).

Click the link to see the full ordinance for properties that are bank owned, REO, real estate owned in Los Angeles Los Angeles City Ordinance 181185.

The City of Los Angeles adopted this ordinance to protect properties, the neighborhood, and citizens of Los Angeles.  This ordinance ensures that bank owned, R.E.O., real estate owned properties are adequately maintained, protected and secure.

The fact that graffiti remains on your property shows the homeless, transients, squatters and gang members that your property is vacant.  Graffiti on a bank owned property in Los Angeles is a nuisance to the city and the neighborhood. Graffiti devalues the property and the neighborhood. Graffiti should be removed immediately from any Los Angeles bank owned real estate to protect the property and avoid fines.

The bank owned – reo property must free from graffiti. For more information contact LACPP.Com

An Additional $5,000.00 for a property owner

Recently a property owner hired us to paint over graffiti and remove overgrown weeds.  The property looked liked a different property.  The property owner then started received offers on the property.  The owner received offers for five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) before the graffiti and weeds were removed.

The property  looked liked a different property.  The property did not look like an abandoned vacant reo real estate bank owned property in Los Angeles.

To Report Graffiti to the City of Los Angeles, Visit this Link
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