Burbank Securing Services

Own a property in Burbank and need to secure it?

Burbank Rekeying Services

Old tenants have access to keys to the house?no worries we are here to help. By rekeying all of the doors in your home. Our team has the right equipment and tools to rekey the entire property. We are able to rekey the gates as well. There is no need for old tenants to break into the home in anymore. Allow our team to rekey the entire property.

Burbank Eviction Services

The eviction consists of handing over the necessary eviction paperwork before entering the room. We typically involve law enforcement if tenants are still occupying the location. This is only for the safety of the crew.

Burbank Board-ups

Board ups are great for homes that cannot have trespassers break in anymore. At times there are too many windows to break in through that just rekeying is not enough. Boar

Burbank Fencing

Board ups can be very effective for many brokers or homeowners. At times changing out the locks is not enough to keep trespassers out of the property. This means that making sure fences are are up at all time. This works on properties with big yards that need to be blocked off. Most of the time this is done for liability issues. If there are trespassers in and there is an injury it will essentially fall back on the owner.