LA’s Premier Property Maintenance pool service

LA’s Premier Property Maintenance Pool Service

how to clear green swimming pool water,

We can repair your pool if your pool needs repairs.

Clogged Pipes and have a Green Pool?

Remove all of the green algae in your pool is our mission. We understand how bad pools can get after the house is neglected for years.

Our team has encountered many bank owned homes with green algae fully grown out in the green pool. We use several chemicals to get it clean and fully functional back again. It is up to the homeowners to get it cleaned out and quick! The city of Los Angeles does not mess around when it comes to city codes of safety.

Types of Pool Algae

There are 3 common types of pool algae, but we will look at 4 types:

Green Algae – Also known as blue-green algae, this is the most common kind, and all it needs to develop is warmth, water, and sunlight.

Yellow Algae – This is another form of blue-green algae which is colored with yellow carotenoids. It can grow without sunlight and is chlorine resistant.

Black Algae – It is a strain of green algae that love plaster pools, where it puts down roots. A thick multi-layered cover protects it from chlorine and the majority of algaecides.

Red Algae – Also called pink slime or pink algae, this is a different type of bacteria that also happens to be chlorine resistant and can survive without sunlight.


** Our team at Los Angeles Maintenance Premier works on EMERGENCY POOL CLEAN UPS**

The following are images of before and after our pool cleaning services.

how to get your pool water from green to clear
how to get your pool from green to clear