Torrance Repair Services

Torrance Repair Services

Need to repair the interior and exterior of your Torrance home?

We are able to help repair the interior and exterior of your home.

Interior repairs

The interior repairs such as:

Painting repairs

Electrical Repairs We are also able to remove and place any electrical wiring that is needed. We understand that electrical wiring can take some time to remove, and have the right team to remove it can be a real stress. Not to worry, our team at Carlsbad Junk Hauling is able to help.

Plumbing Repairs. Repair that restroom that needs a new toilet or needs plumbing work on it. We understand that old pipes or leaking pipes need replacement, therefore, we are here to help.

Torrance Door and Cabinet Repairs. Repair the cabinets and doors that need fixing. Our team at Los Angeles Property Preservation is able to help get all of your doors and cabinets fixed up. Our team is also able to secure your property with the right door locks and doorknobs.

If your doors need rekeying services our team can help.

Long Beach repairs

Exterior Repairs

Torrance fence repair, if it is needed. We understand that after a while the fence starts coming off the hinges. Old wood needs replacement and old fence material needs a replacement material for sure. There is no need for you to do the work anymore. Allow our team at Carlsbad Junk Hauling team work on your property. For more information on general repairs, please click on the button below.

Torrance roofing 

We understand a leaky roof is not the business on a rainy day. Our experienced team is able to do repair work on your roof regardless if the job is big or small. Our mission is to make sure our client gets their roof repaired, and the job is done right. Our specialist will treat you and your property with the respect and attention to safety and comfort you deserve.

Don’t let the rainy day tell you when to fix your roof.

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