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LACPP.COM; LA’s Premier property maintenance services multiple REO Listing Agents. We recieved an order to rekey a property that was recently foreclosed on. The previous owners left willingly.

The property was vacant. The asset company was in the process of getting the property real to list it. They were determining if the property was going to get remodeled or sold “AS IS”. There are several factors that the owner of the Bank Owned Property has to access.

Squatters Breaking In

The REO Listing Agent recieved a call from the neighbor of the REO Vacant Property. There were unknown occupants in the property.

REO listing agents are always concerned about the property getting broken into and having to throw out squatters and homeless.

LACPP – LA’S Premier Property Maintenance Unwanted Trespassers Kicked Out
The REO Listing Agent called us and asked if we could do an occupancy check on a vacant property.

Unwanted Vagrants Were in The Property

I dispatched a crew to the property. The crew was on site within one hour. When the crew arrived to the property. The transients locked themselves in the bathroom.

LAPD Drifters Removal

The crew immediately called LAPD. The crew called the police in a loud manner so the unwanted homeless wanders would hear the conversation. The crew informed that the property was supposed to be vacant. And that the squatters and homeless thrown out.

Got Rid of Unwanted Trespassers

We called the Listing Agent and informed him the unwanted transients were removed.

Board Up Property – Keep Unwanted Trespassers Out
The listing agents gave us the order to board up the property.

Emergency 24-7 Board Ups

The best way to protect your from squatters, homeless, transients, vagrants…
It to have the house tightly secured as best as possible. The property might have to be boarded up. The house’s property lines might have to be fenced up with a security chain link fence.

There are professional squatters that are looking for vulunerable properties that are vacant.

Vacant Property Scams

There are several double-dealings with vacant properties.

  1. There are drifters searching for unsafe exposed property. They move into the house. The put their California I.D.’S with the address of the property. The hustlers put the utilities in their names as well.
  2. There are crooks that searching vacant properties. They advertise the property for rent or lease to own with very modest terms. They will advertise that the abandoned property is available with no credit check.

This will interest a number of young couples, families that are searching for the American Dream – homeownership in their reach.

The con artist will say the house will avaiable a few weeks into the future. For example if its the 15th of the month they will say the rental property will be available on the 1st of the following month.

The crooks will lease out or rent out or do a lease with option to buy to several families. The crooked leasing agent will tell the family in need of dwelling that he has appointments with several other families that are interested in the property.

Unless they want to secure the property at the present time the cheater agent will continue to show the home to those other people that are intrested in it.

The family that is interested in the habitation will say “no no”. We will hand you the cash now.

The swindler will accept the money for the vacant home. The defrauder will create a fake Agreement and hand it the family.

The con artist leasing out the property that is not his to rent out will tell the family the property is going to get painted with the repairs that are needed. Let’s talk in a about a week and I will hand you the keys then.

He will do this to 10 or more families.

Never to be seen again.

The authorities do not have the resources the man power to go after these thieves. This is considered a non violent crime and a not a significant amount.

Law enforcement will go after the grifters if they get enough evidence from the same ring of fraudster.

Adverse Possession Squatters and Scamsters
This is the most chilling that a con artist can take possession and ultimately take ownership of a property.

Your best plan of attack is to get the squatters out as fast as possible. You might have to hire an attorney and evict them through an unlawful detainer court action.

After you get the squatters out of the property should be boarded and a security fence installed with LAMC 41.24 Signs Posted.

The Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 41.24 authorizes the authorities to arrest trespassers that are on the property.

After Hours Emergency Board UP

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The professional real estate listing agent gave us the order to board up the property. The real estate professional did not have to worry about the house getting broken into or that squatters were going to take possession of the property.