LAMC 41.24 Signs Los Angeles

No Trespassing Private Property Signs

Protect your most valuable investment

A simple LAMC 41.24 or Private Property no trespassing can save you from a giant headache.

LAMC 41.24 Sign Only $10 bucks

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los angeles municipal code 41.24

Call me at (213) 804-7437 – Fastest Delivery – Same Day Service. We will even install the No Trespassing Sign.

There are meddlers prowling the streets of Los Angeles looking for an unsecured, vacant or abandoned property that they can take over.
There are two steps to properly execute an LAMC Section 41.24.

Step One:

A sign that states: This Property Closed To The Public No Entry Without Permission LAMC section 41.24 PC 602L. The sign must be visible.

Step Two:

City of Los Angeles form: “Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 41.24 Trespass Arrest Authorization” must be filled out and taken to the local LAPD precinct.

Click the link below for the form.

If the property is located in an area patrolled by the Los Angeles Sheriff Department. The Sheriff’s department has a form that is different from LAPD.

If you have any questions about safeguarding properties in Los Angeles, securing, changing locks, boarding, fencing or registering the property with the local police precint do not hesitate; LA’s Premier Property Maintenance the Los Angeles Property Experts.

Once a squatter, adverse possession, or illegal tenant takes over a property can take months and tens of thousands of dollars of legal and attorney fees.
There are professional squatters that know all of the court and paperwork loopholes.

Squatters are known to cause criminal activity properties. They sell and deal drugs out of the property. Sex trafficking crimes are also happening in unsecured, unprotected properties.

Los Angeles Property Lost To Squatters

A mortgagee free property was given to heirs.
The heirs lived several hours away. They locked up the property and sat on the property. They visited the property to find that squatters had taken over the property.
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  • Sheriff Lock Outs
  • Secured
  • Boarded
  • Fence
  • Cleaned Out
  • Removed Squatters

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