How to get rid of squatters Los Angeles

Squatter removal property board up and security chain link fence

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The easiest way to prevent squatters – adverse possession from taking over your property is to have the property well secured.

Secure Property

The property completely boarded up; the property fenced with an 8’ foot high fence.  And no trespass sign with the following verbiage “This Property is Closed to the Public No Entry Without Permission – LAMC 41.24”.  

LAMC 41.24 No Trespass Sign

When the property is property boarded up and fenced and LAMC 41.24 sign posted, then you go to your local LAPD station and fill out a No Trespass LAMC 41.24 form.  This will put LAPD on alert no one is supposed to be in the property.

Neighbors Assistance to Protect vacant properties

Go to the neighbors of the vacant property.  Ask them for a favor.  To watch over your property.  You are doing your best to properly secure, board up and fence the property.  If they see anyone on the property to please call the authorities and to call you.  Explain to them that it is in their best interest to keep the neighborhood save.

Protect Vacant and Abandoned Properties

When properties look vacant and abandoned, they attract homeless and professional squatters.  The squatters, trespassers, adverse possession are committing crimes and illegal activity to the neighborhood.

Real Property becomes vacant for a variety of reasons, foreclosure, probates and more.  These are things that just happen.

Recently in a Good neighborhood Los Angeles Neighborhood.  There were squatters living in the property.  The squatters were using and making drugs in the property.

There is a process for the City to secure the property.

Once the property becomes a Public Nuisance.  The property owner 10 days to cure the violations and secure the property.  

The best way to secure a vacant property in Los Angeles is board up all the openings, windows, doors, crawlspaces, including the garage overhead door is bolt board all the openings. 

Leave one opening made from a plywood door, with 2 heavy duty padlocks.

Secure the property with 8ft high chain link fence.

A chain link fence in Los Angeles in Los Angeles per the Los Angeles Fire Department is to have a 10-foot door.  The 10-foot door is used by the fire department in case there is fire at the property.  The 10-foot opening allows a fire truck to enter the property.

If the property owner does not comply with cleaning a vacant, abandoned property in Los Angeles.  The LAPD, the Los Angeles neighborhood prosecutor and the department of building and safety will step in and clean up the property.

If the property continues to be a Public Nuisance.  The property will be bulldozed and leveled.  A lien will be placed on the title of property to cover the cost and expenses.

When the City of Los Angeles declares a property a public nuisance because the property is inviting homeless, squatters and other illegal activities.

See the Los Angeles News video below. Squatters were occupying a property in Los Angeles. The were using and making drugs in the Los Angeles Vacant Property. Per the news footage. The property has been vacant for years. Recently homeless and squatters have been entering the property.

The property was not boarded up. The property was not fenced with a security chain link fence.

The property was not posted with a sign that states the following. “This property is closed to the public. No Entry Without Permission LAMC 41.24 Penal Code 602. And a No Trespass form taken to the Local Police Station in Los Angeles.

Work with Neighbors – Vacant Property

Work with your neighbors. Let them know that you have secured the property. You have boarded up all openings. You have fenced the property with a security chain link fence and you have a No Trespass on file with the local Los Angeles Police Precinct.

If they see any one at the property that is not supposed to be there to call the non emergency Los Angeles Police Number – 1 877 Ask LAPD. And report that there are unwanted in the property.