REO Green Pool Drain And Wash

Clearing A Green Pool

We clean out REO properties that have dirty pools to have the Green Pool  Drained And Washed.

We have helped many brokers clean out the dirty pools that have been left by previous tenants that couldn’t come to terms with payments. We understand that over time pools tent to grow green Algae that spreads. We understand that pools get dirty after time and if there are penalties for that. The city does not mess around when it comes to dirty pools. Fines only grow when the pool remains green. This is where Los Angeles Property Maintenance is able to get it cleaned and fast. If you need an emergency pool clean up, we are your go to team. We are able to clean up any type of pool damage, even if it is unclogging pipes.


** Our team at Los Angeles Maintenance Premier works on EMERGENCY POOL CLEAN UPS**

The following are images of before and after our pool cleaning services.

Green water Pool Clearing Foreclosure Los Angeles
pool water looks green but clear











Green water Pool Clearing Foreclosure Los Angeles