Bank Owned Property Green Pool Water Drain And Washed

How To Clear Green Cloudy Pool Water

Our team at Los Angeles Premier Property is able to clean out your entire pool without a doubt. We have the right amount of chemicals and tools to fix up your pool. If you need us to clean it up we can do so, if there is repair needed our team can help as well. We understand that pipes get clogged over time, we understand that filters malfunction as well.

Chemicals used to clean your green cloudy pool. We use the following to clean up the green cloudy pool water.

Clarifiers: Clarifiers coagulate tiny particles into bigger particles that can be trapped in the pool filter. Flocculants attract particles into heavy clumps that sink to the floor for vacuuming to waste.


** Our team at Los Angeles Maintenance Premier also does EMERGENCY POOL CLEAN UPS**

The following are images of before and after our pool cleaning services.