Harvard Heights LAMC 41.24 No Trespass Signs

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Protect your property located in the following Los Angeles Neighborhoods: Harvard Heights

Protect your most valuable investment: Your Property.

Harvard Heights is a neighborhood of 20,000+ people in Central Los Angeles, California

LAMC 41.24 Trespass Authorization Form Instructions 2 Simple Steps

Step One

Download No Trespass Authorization Form


Fill out two: No Trespass Authorization Forms:  Keep one at your property and the other take to your local police precinct:

Step Two

Post the Following Sign:


Signs only $10:00 at the following link:

The LAMC 41.24 No Trespass Sign must be visible from the street.

The No Trespass LAMC 41.24 sign will put on notice squatters, trespassers, adverse possession people that are looking for properties that this property is off limits and a stay away order is in place.  Trespassers and violators in your Harvard Heights property will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The No Trespass Sign and the form on file on Harvard Heights will provide officers with the direction to pursue trespassers, squatters and adverse possession opportunist.  The trespassers are part of an ongoing nuisance issue and or problem.  The suspects most likely have criminal backgrounds and repeat offenders.

Any aggravating factors that are present in the property warrants the investigating those matters.  Issue misdemeanor arrests or any enforcement of laws and arrest to the full extent of the law. 

Properties that have all openings [windows and doors] boarded and have security chain link fences keep squatters, trespassers, and adverse possession out of your property and safe.

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