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Yorba Linda Family Paid More Than $44,000 to Remodel Kitchen, Instead They Received A Demolished Kitchen

Don’t let this be you.

Devastated family in Yorba Linda paid all of their life savings to get their kitchen remodeled, but received a disaster instead.

The family did their research like every other homeowner does. They came across this small business with the name of ‘Time To Remodel’ on the internet. They reviewed it and made sure the contractor was fully licensed and bonded, but it seems like his workers were not. The family of 6 were left with a home with projects half done, and new repairs needed to be fixed on. After the family had experienced many malfunctions going on in the house as the workers started on the kitchen they stopped the project. Kitchen cabinets were not opening right and cardboard pieces were used to elevate breakers in the garage. The workers left Plywood on the kitchen top without adding the proper tile or marble top. It is an unsafe environment for the 4 kids living in this home.

The homeowners tried to come to an agreement with the contractor to get those repairs fixed and finish the job, but they were not able to resolve.

The contractors filed a ‘Mechanics Lien” on their house, in which the contractor is accusing the homeowners for abandoning the job and not pay the rest of the job. This can essentially hurt the entire family because it can result in foreclosure if not paid.

Right now the family has to allow for an inspector to check out the place before any work gets done. Sadly, the family has been living in an unsafe home for the past 3 months due to this project. All kinds of construction debris was left in the home. For this kind of project the family would need a reliable team to haul away the junk.

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