Bank Owned Properties Green Water Pool Washing

Bank Owned Properties Green Water Pool Washing

how to clear green pool water quickly

Have a bank owned home that has a green pool?

Don’t allow the pool to multiply with algae and mosquitoes.

There is far too much money being lost due to the green pool. The pool is racking up city fines over and over. Having the house of the housing market has really made a big impact on the income? There is no need to keep the green pool stopping you from making that sale.

We can get your green pool washed and back how it supposed to be. We wash and fix the pool entirely if there is a need for repairs. We use the following material to clean up your pool.

Lithium Shock:

Lithium hypochlorite. This one is great for pools with liners because it won’t bleach the liner, and also dissolves right away so is safe to swim right after treatment.

how to clear up a green swimming pool,


** Our team at Los Angeles Maintenance Premier also does EMERGENCY POOL CLEAN UPS**

The following are images of before and after our pool cleaning services.