West Hollywood Trash Out

West Hollywood Trash Out

Need to do a trash out on your West Hollywood property?

Finding yourself trying to empty out a shed or garage?

Have so much junk in your home you don’t even know what you can do with?

Don’t worry any longer since our team is able to help! Our team can remove all of the junk in the basement or attic in the home. If the property has a shed or garage, our team can help clean out the junk. West Hollywood Property Preservation has been able to help many homes that need a really good clean out.  We have seen many homes that require major clean up work.

One of the many properties we can clean out is REO properties. REO properties are bank-owned homes that previous tenants lost to the bank. Tenants normally take whatever they can out of the foreclosed home, but at times leave the entire property full of junk. These items can be a real problem for banks and brokers. Refrigerators can contain food that can go bad and start making the place smell. Other times we find dead rodents or animals trapped in the foreclosed home because the previous owners left them behind in the house.

Whatever your reason may be that you need to remove trash our team can help out. We make sure to take all the safety precautions to remove the trash out of your home. Nothing gets left behind when it comes to removing trash out of your West Hollywood property. If it is a fully furnished property, we will be more than happy to remove the entire junk out of the home. If it is a commercial property our team is able to help as well. Office spaces or evicted tenants typically leave much more trash and junk around than normal tenants.

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