Canoga Park Trashout

Canoga Park Trashout

We remove trash from the industrial, residential, or commercial properties in Canoga Park. Trash out involves old washers, old dryers, old mattresses, and many more. Trash out can also be construction debris left over from construction projects. It can be yard debris that has been left over and scattered all over the back yard.


We cut grass and tree trimming in all Canoga Park and neighboring cities.  Trash outs are not only furniture and unwanted junk that is laying around the property. We clean out pools when other pool companies don’t want to clean up. We have the right tools to scoop out any type of pool trash or debris.

How big are the trash outs?

Trash out can be a complete property that is fully loaded with furniture and trash. No more holding someone else’s trash, allow our team of junk removal team remove all of the trash in Canoga Park. We can load up a truckload of items and haul them to the nearest dump site. We have the proper man force to remove any type of trash out of your property.

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