Beverly Hills REO Property

Beverly Hills REO Property


Located in the Beverly Hills Area?

Need to clean out an REO property?

Allow us to fully remove all furniture and clean the entire REO property.

Board up the foreclosed property in Beverly Hills, CA

Secure the foreclosed estate in Beverly Hills, CA.


Don’t allow old pesky home intruders come into the foreclosed home. Allow our team of cleaning experts removes the entire junk left over and properly secure it. With the right tools and material, our team is able to lock up any type of door or window in the home. We have worked on many REO properties that are full of old tenants or squatters. We understand the degree these intruders leave the home. It is important to keep the house secure from any intruders just because it causes liability and it degrades the value of the home. The last thing you want is a squatter dying in your foreclosed property.

Installs, maintains, and repairs locks, key systems, and door hardware

Our team is able to secure your location with the right board ups and fence ups. Our team has worked on many properties that require immediate board ups due to multiple break-ins. We are able to board up your windows and doors. We understand that simple board ups or just fence ups are not enough to keep people out. That is why we offer both to make sure no one enters the property.

We are able to add the right padlocks and rekey locks to keep old tenants from using old house keys.

Our team can rekey indoor and outdoor locks.

We are able to fence up the location if it is needed. There are properties that have big yards and to keep anyone from coming in the yard it is best to fence up the location.

Our team is also able to cover up pools. Pools can be a real liability that can cost you lots of money. Repairs to fix a pool can get expensive and to allow the pool to rot, even more, can be a real problem. This is where were come in and help you clean out that pool. Our team is able to drain out the pool and board it up with the right material. We can’t tell you how many times we have seen intruders still enjoying the water before they are removed from the Sheriff’s Department.

We always use the sheriff’s department in case we need to remove people from the area. We understand that people can get a bit hostile when it comes to leaving the place they call a place to live. For that reason, we make sure to call law enforcement to keep the peace.

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