Cost to Board Up a Property in Los Angeles

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The cost to [barricade] board up a property in the Los Angeles area varies based on several factors.  The pricing to board up a property is going to depend on the difficulty of the board up.  Other factors are the size of the structure, the number of openings and the size of the openings.

We only use CDX exterior grade plywood.  For optimal security and compliance with safety standards, the recommended plywood is CDX exterior grade plywood.

We have never and will never use OSB plywood.

The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety requires ¾ inch thick CDX plywood.

We use the united inch method for the pricing.  The pricing varies from $1.50 to $3.00 a united inch.

The board up formula is

Width + Height – United Inch

If you have an opening that is 36 inches wide + 32 inch height – 68 united inches.

Then you multiply the united inches 68 x between [$1.50 to $3.00] per openings

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