Squatter Arrested

Squatter Arrested Los Angeles

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LA’S Premier Property Maintenance; LACPP.COM. We were servicing a
property for an Asset company. The property is located in Mission
CA, a suburb of Los Angeles.

We were hired by the asset company to complete an eviction and board
up of the property. The property was having an issue with a habitual
squatter. The squatter did not want to leave.

Sheriff Lock Out

The sheriff arrived to the property to complete the lock out. The
sheriff announced his presence. The squatter came out of the house.
The squatter started recording us.

Squatter and Homeless are Liars

remove homeless and squatters from properties, lacpp.com, LA’S Premier Property Maintenance

The squatter was claiming he was related to the previous owner of the
property. He was his cousin. The squatter kept breaking an entry
because he claimed he had given his cousin several thousand dollars for
the property, therefore he had the right to have possession of the

Homeless Squatters are Liars

The squatter was bringing out paperwork regarding the unlawful detainer.
He was claiming that he was not named in the unlawful detainer,
therefore he should not be thrown out of the property.

The squatter had been in the property for years, squatting illegally.
The asset company had already spent thousands of dollars in court and
legal fees to extract the drifters and wanderers from the property.

Per the neighbor, there had been over 10 people in the house.

Squatter Leasing Out Property

The illegal squatter was leasing a room to an older lady approximately
80 years old. The lady was claiming that she was paying the illegal
occupant to take care of her and giver her shelter.

Squatters Are Liars

It is doubtful that the squatter paid any money to the previous
owner. Even if he paid any money to the cousin, the Squatter
claiming possession got defrauded by his cousin.  His cousin sold him a house that was delinquent, probably behind in years of payments.

The illegal tenant was talking very fast, citing legal quotes, and most
of the time he was making no sense.

He was even accusing us of targeting him because of his race.

The attorney for the asset company had everything in order. All the
paperwork had been submitted to the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

The same deputy sheriff had completed two previous lock outs.  The
illegal squatter kept trespassing on the property.

The sheriff was very upset as he informed me of the matter.

I let the sheriff know that the asset company had just hired LA’s
Premier Property Maintenance

I informed the sheriff that I will make sure this does not happen again.

I informed my contact in the asset company about this habitual squatter.

Complete Property Board UP
The asset company gave me the order to completely board up the property.

LASD gave us possession of the property.

Complete Property Board UP

The Criminal Trespasser Was Out

Habitual Squatter Strikes Again

A few weeks later I received a call from my contact in the asset company.
He informed me that the property was occupied again. He informed me that the window boards and door boards were taken down.

I gathered my eviction paperwork and went to the property. I called
the non emergency police number. When they arrived at the property,
I showed the officers all the legal paperwork.

Homeless Squatter Refused to Leave

The occupant was able to convince the officers to let him stay in the
property. I was not able to believe this. I showed the police
officers all of my paperwork. I showed them pictures of the property
boarded up. I showed them pictures of the illegal occupant in the
property as he talked to the sheriff.

Throw out Illegal Tenant

The following day I got a hold of the sheriff that was very upset at
the lock out. The one that informed me that these wanderers and
drifters kept breaking into the property.

I called his precinct and left him a message. This was a Tuesday.
When they called me back, he informed me that he had been throwing out
illegal tenants and squatters all day.

I informed him about the criminal trespassers breaking back into
the subject property, which got locked out a few weeks before.

He informed me that he would not be available until Thursday because
he had training regarding Adverse Possession Trespassers. He said
that he would make himself available to speak to the precinct on
Thursday, in regards to our subject property and the issue we were having with the invaders that kept squatting in the property.

The deputy informed me to go to the precinct and speak to the watch
commander at the local police station.  I was to show our paperwork
regarding the meddlers that kept trespassing on the property.  I was also to 
inform the watch commander that the homeless squatters needed to be
extracted from the property.

On Thursday morning at 7:00 am, I arrived at the local police station. I asked to
speak to the watch commander. They informed the police officer at the
counter about the illegal homeless squatter. He told me to go to the property and call the non emergency police number so that the police officers could show up. They
will complete a citizen’s arrest on my behalf.

The squatter that refused to leave the property was sleeping cozy in
the property at the expense of the asset company.

I waited a few hours and the police did not show up to throw out the
illegal occupant. I received a call from the deputy that extracted the
homeless criminal previously.  He instructed me to go the police house and
speak to the watch commander again.  I was to inform him that they needed to extract the drifters from the dwelling.

I told the police officer at the counter from the police station that his
squatter was a talker and was talking his way out of being thrown out
of the property.

I insisted on speaking to the watch commander. A watch commander came
out from the door that was behind the police officer’s counter.  The police officer was helping people that were coming in and asking for police reports.  They were reporting on various offenses including homeless and drifters that were in alleys near their homes.

I spoke to the watch commander. I showed him all the paperwork
regarding the trespassing squatter. He instructed me to return to the
property and wait for the patrol officers that were assigned to the
call regarding the abolish criminal adverse possession.

I returned to the property.

The police officers arrived to the site of the property crasher.

The police officers made contact with the unwanted occupant.

Again the transient was talking a lot. Talking how he had the right
to have possession of the property. The habitual trespasser was
refusing to leave. The police officers had to call their supervisor.

The supervising officer came out to the property. He was speaking to
the uninvited squatter.

By this time it was approximately 11:30 am. I had been working for
four and half hours to remove the trespassing transient from the

The police gave us possession from the infiltrator on the subject
property, again.

We re-boarded the property.

The trespassing vagrant called the sheriff station, called the police
precint and said that he was being thrown out illegally.

The trespasser vagrant went to the police house to speak to the
detectives regarding his wrongful lockout.

The transient was recording us with his phone, threatening us with
lawsuits while the police was there. He was threatening them as well.
As soon as the police officers left, he was threatening us with physical

The board up was completed.

The vagrant stayed sitting on the sidewalk next to the house. In a
taunting way the intruder was saying that he could be in the property
if wanted to. It’s not illegal for a drifter to be on the sidewalk.

Friday – Occupancy Check
On Friday I completed an occupancy check on the subject property. The
property was completely boarded up to keep out uninvited people.

Saturday – Occupancy Check
On Saturday morning I drove by the property. When I arrived to the
property, the locks on the slider pins used to lock the property and
keep out uninvited trespassers were broken.

I called the non emergency number to the local police station. They
were aware of the homeless trespasser that was in the vacant house.

Squatter was arrested

Squatter Arrested Los Angeles
Squatter Arrested Los Angeles

Four squad cars showed up. They entered the house in a tactical
formation. A few minutes later the police came out with homeless
trespasser in handcuffs.

The Trespasser was given several opportunities to move on. He had
already squatted on the property for more than two years.

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