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Santa Monica REO Services

Santa Monica REO Services

Santa Monica REO Property Preservation Clean Up

There is no telling what mess previous tenants have left behind.

There is too much mess in one home and it is not fair to keep the house from losing its value.

Allow the home to come out of foreclosure and sell it once and for all. Our team at Santa Monica REO Property Preservation is able to help you get the house back to its normal self. We are able to fully clean out the entire estate and repair whatever repairs it needs.

Santa Monica REO property repairs include pools, doors, cabinets, windows, and many more. If The house needs a paint job, our team can paint the interior and exterior. We are trained to work on any type of handyman work. If it involves electrical work, our team can fix it. if your repairs involve fixing the plumbing around the house we can help. If there is a need for roof repairs, our team at Santa Monica Preservation team can help.

Our team is able to do this for an affordable price and in a quick amount of time. We have been known for our fast and efficient services.

Santa Monica moves personals to a storage location, in case the previous tenant comes back for their items. Our team makes sure to always keep the items in a storage facility for 30 days. After the 30 days are over our team of Santa Monica REO junk removal experts are able to discard all of the items. We make sure we add the 30 days grace period because it is only right to let the tenants get their living situation straight. At the same time, we make sure to follow protocol and make sure all of the items are all in the junk removal. Our team is properly trained to remove all items out of the house with precaution as well.

If you need your Santa Monica Foreclosed Property to be properly cleaned out and secured please call us today!

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