Roofing Repairs in Los Angeles

Roofing Repairs in Los Angeles

When you need your roof repair, Los Angeles Property Preservation is just one email or phone call away! We specialize in roof repairs for commercial facilities such as apartment complexes, HOA’s, industrial and commercial buildings, warehouses, retail locations, and offices to name a few.  If you happen to need a residential roof repair we handle those too.

Roof Material includes:




Hot Mop


Single Ply TPO

Flat Roofing Repairs

Excessive material cracking increases the overall wear and tear of a roof, shortening the lifespan of the roofing material and increasing the need for repairs. Without proper care, a new flat roof may need to be installed. You should always call a roofing specialist any time flat roofing materials start to leak, show deterioration, have seems that fail, or metal edges that are problematic/loose.

Tile Roof Repairs

When tiles have cracked, shifted, fallen off, or the underlayment reaches its life expectancy and has become an area of failure, your roof will require repairs. Whether clay tile or concrete tile our expert roofers can take care of your repair.

Shingle Roofing Repairs

Shingle roofing repairs are needed whenever the shingles become weathered, cracked, or have experienced excessive wind damage.  If notice any of these shingle issues on your commercial property don’t hesitate to contact us.

Rain Gutters

With literally thousands of commercial and residential references, we are by far the most reputable and experienced rain gutter cleaning outfit in Southern California.

We also specialize in deck cleaning and sealingrain gutter repairrain gutter maintenancedownspout cleaningtile roof repairs and many more. 

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