Real Estate Owned Green Pool to Clearing

Real Estate Owned Green Pool to Clearing

how to clear green pool water quickly
how to clear green pool water quickly,

Own a real estate home that needs a good clear up?

Need to remove all of the green algae that have been growing in your back yard pool?

We can’t delay the bank-owned home from enduring more green pool water. There is no need to keep your home to lose value due to the green pool that is non-operational.

If the green pool is coming from mechanical issues, our team of pool experts can help!

If the green pool needs to just be cleared out, we can help out as well. We know what it’s like to have a situation in your hands when it comes to cleaning a whole entire pool. It is pretty disgusting to get your hands dirty and not have the proper pool tools to clean out a pool.

When cleaning out a pool we use several chemicals that help clear out the water so we can easily remove it. We can remove it with simple chemicals such as Chlorine Free Shock: Granular potassium monopersulfate (non– chlorine). A fast-acting oxygen based sanitizer that burns clean with no residue, and you can swim right after treatment. Just like this and many other chemicals that will kill any type of green algae that may be floating around.


** Our team at Los Angeles Maintenance Premier also does EMERGENCY POOL CLEAN UPS**

The following are images of before and after our pool cleaning services.