los angeles no trespassing sign requirements

los angeles no trespassing sign requirements

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Signage shall be posted as follows:
12X24 minimum
incombustible material
minimum of 4 holes, the maximum dimension of 1/4
punch or drilled no closer than 3/8 from the edge/corner of the sign.
Attachment: Securely fasten in a conspicuous location on the building.
Inscription: Characters size to be 2 1/2 minimum and 4″ maximum in height. Character color to be black or red set on a white background.

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Every property owner in the City of Los Angeles should file a Yearly NO Trespass Form with the Los Angeles Police Department. More specifically the sign should read as follows: “This Property Closed to the Public No Entry Without Permission LAMC 41.24”

If any intruders trespassers trespass onto your property. The posted sign and the No Trespass form properly filled out and documented at the local precinct.

This will assist LAPD in pressing the proper charges and arresting the squatters on your property.

For more information on securing properties in Los Angeles including:

  • Fencing
  • Boarding
  • Posting Signs
  • Filing No Trespass Forms – LAPD

LACPP; LA’s Premier Property Maintenance makes “This Property Closed to the Public NO Entry without Permission Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 41.24”.

The signs are made from sturdy plywood. LACPP.COM; LA’s Premier Property Maintenance will even post the signs for an additional fee.