Los Angeles County Property Preservation Can Do Your Board Up Service

Los Angeles County Property Preservation Can Do Your Board Up Service

When your tenant remains on your property without paying rent, he is called a holdover tenant aka “a squatter” a person who unlawfully occupies property you own.

At times squatters hold a certain attitude, as if they have certain rights to your property. If an unwelcome squatter is living in your property, your home cannot be on the market for sale. Don’t worry about unwanted visitors in the home, and start putting boarding up the home to keep them out. Put padlocks and board up to keep them out of sight. The last thing you want is your home to accumulate trash and damage to the home.

This can be very tough for owners that want to get rid of unwanted guests. That is why we are here to offer our services. There is no reason you need to go through the hassle of getting rid of old tenants or new squatters. Try to avoid squatter situations from happening. If you plan to leave your property vacant, double check that it is secure. Make sure there are no squatters left inside the home, and leave the rest to us.


Our team can do REO clean up jobs, and board up the entire home. We understand that old tenants leave a mess behind, but no worries we have a solution for that. Our team can remove any and all mess left behind. Our team has seen it all, so there is no job to small or too big for us. Our team will board up your home as soon as it is done, to assure that no one else gets back in the property. For more information please call us at (213) 804-7437.