Inglewood Securing Services

Inglewood Securing Services

Securing your property through:

Rekeying the entire property.

Board up the windows that need to get covered.

Fence up the area that needs to be fenced up.

There is nothing worse than having your property get broken in to.  It makes no sense to keep paying repairs for squatters breaking into your home. It is best to keep them out for good and secure the entire place. There are too many damages every day when it comes to squatters breaking in the home. We want to make sure you don’t have that problem again.

We can rekey the entire home. From the door locks in the front of the house and the door locks in the back of the house. We are able to rekey all of the rooms in the house that need the locks changed. If your Inglewood home needs a complete board up job, our team can help as well. Our team is able to set up boards over your windows to keep any damages done to the windows. We are able to apply boards up on your windows in high areas. If your property is an apartment complex our team can help board up as well.

If there is a need to fence up your home our team at LACPP can help set it up. We have dealt with many properties in Southern California that were in serious need of fencing. Properties with big backyards or front yards are in serious need of a fence up job. Having a large property unsecured is a huge liability bank are not willing to take. Click here to fully fence up your Inglewood property.

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