How To Deconstruct A Deck

First off, ask yourself how extensive your work is going to be. If you’re generally happy with the deck and it looks like only a few boards need replacing, a deck removal might not be the answer. A full deck construction project will require significant planning such as coming up with deck ideas, selecting deck materials, developing a project timeline that considers the deck removal.

Something else to consider is the effect your deck will have on the value of your home. A quick deck repair to an old, rotting deck could be a liability if you’re trying to sell, while a full deck construction project can significantly improve the crucial curb-appeal of your home. Like any home renovation job, you can get seriously injured if you don’t plan ahead. Even a shortfall can be seriously painful if you land the wrong way, and that’s not even getting into the rusty fasteners, mold spores, and other potential work hazards you may run into. Have safety equipment handy, and think before you pull.

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