Graffiti Removal Pasadena

Graffiti Removal Services Pasadena

Graffiti Removal Services Pasadena shows how vandalism damages your REO and bank owned property.

At Los Angeles County Property Preservations, we always highlight the importance of securing your REO properties, bank owned or foreclosed properties.
If your property is not immediately secured and boarded up by a specialized crew, your property is at risk of being vandalized and damage.

Graffiti is one common hazard. Graffiti damages and devalues your bank owned and REO property.
Removing graffiti from your interior walls, hardwood flooring and ceramic tile doors is very difficult and time-consuming.

Our crew completed a difficult graffiti removal job in Pasadena, California.
A REO bank owned property was tagged with an enormous amount of graffiti.

In the photos below you can see graffiti on the floor and ceiling, on several walls and doors. There are graffiti on fixtures and cabinets; graffiti on closet mirror doors, kitchen counter tops, bathroom counter tops; graffiti on the tub/shower glass doors and bathroom vanity; graffiti on the switch plate covers; graffiti on stairwell, stairs, and handrail.

You can see “before” photos here.
Warning: the language in these graffiti may be offensive to you.

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Los Angeles County Property Preservations successfully removed all graffiti. You can see in “after” photos.

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Los Angeles County Property Preservations provide graffiti removal services for Pasadena, Zip Code:
91101, 91102, 91103, 91104, 91109, 91110, 91121, 91125, 91126, 91105, 91106, 91107, 91114, 91115, 91116, 91117, 91123, 91124, 91129, 91182, 91188, 91189, 91184, 91185, 91199

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