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Getting Rid of Squatters Los Angeles

The property was a duplex.  In one of the units a young mother of two small children was occupying the unit.  The other unit was being occupied by the young mother’s brother.

They were not the previous owners.  Homeless and Squatters are looking for unsecured, vacant and abandoned properties to move into.

Clearing Away Squatters

The banks representatives would show up to the property and request that they leave.  The squatters were savvy in the way of the talking their way out of being thrown out of the bank owned property. 

The bank representative would call the Los Angeles Police Department.  The Police would show up 2-3 hours later.  Sometimes the bank representative would leave the property because he had other tasks to complete in the day.

LACPP.COM boards up, fences up properties to keep squatters out and homeless out. Protect Your Property.

This went on for several months.  The loan servicing company that was servicing the property position was that the occupants were squatters not tenants or previous owners.  Therefore, they should not icur the cost of hiring an eviction attorney and filing a formal Unlawful Detainer.  They felt the LAPD should just remove them.

The bank representative made an attempt to remove the squatters.  He went into the police station. He spoke to the watch commander.  He explained the situation, he showed his paperwork.  The watch commander made arrangements for police officers to go out and remove the squatters.

Squatters Are Scammers

The bank representative and the LAPD showed up to the house.  The young mother and her children were in the house.  The young mother pulled out a rental agreement and rental receipts.  Of course, we all know that they were fake documents.

Civil Matter – Squatters Rights

The police informed the bank representative that it was a civil matter now.  An eviction would have to take place.

Squatter Unlawful Detainer

The bank was very frustrated.  The bank would have to incur the costs of an attorney and the court cost as well.

Eviction Lock Out Squatter

The bank did its due process of the eviction.  A unlawful detainer was filed at the local court house.  They paid the attorney’s fees and the court costs.  They paid a process server to serve the unlawful detainer on the squatters occupying the units.

The lock out date was scheduled.

Kick Squatters Out – Complete Property Board UP 

LA’s Premier Property Maintenance received a call from the bank.  They were completing a Lock-out Eviction on the property on Rimpau Street, Los Angeles CA 90019.  The client of the bank owned property wanted a full heavy-duty board up of the property.

LA’s Premier Property Maintenance accepted the assignment.  

We were preparing for the eviction lock out and complete property board up.

I check my email throughout the day and I received an email from a C Clark Regarding the eviction lock out that was going to take place in a few days.

The body of the email stated:

“You motherfuckers Better get these motherfucking illegal squatters of the property that you own in our neighborhood, IMMEDIATELY!!! Or expect to have a lawsuit complaint filed against each of you”

The first thing that came to our mind was that we have another battle on our hands besides the eviction, the board up and the squatters that are being removed.  We have to battle the sender of this email C Clark.

We arrived to the Eviction 30 minuets early.

The crews were getting their tools, drills, and saws ready.

The eviction was scheduled for 8:00 am.

At 7:55 am approximately 15 gang members walked out of the house.  They walked in all different directions, some got into cars and drove away, some got on their bicycles and road away.

There was one gang member left at the property.  The squatter – gang member was at the property because he claimed to have his personal property in the house.

LACPP.COM Squatter removal, board ups, property fencing, los angeles LAMC 41.24

The deputies show up to the property.  We were given possession of the property.  And we started the board up of the property.  

LA’s Premier Property Maintenance board up the property in one day.  While we were at the property, we photo documented the property and the junk that was in the property.

There was approximately 50 cubic yards of debris in the property.  The client wanted all the debris removed from the property.

Squatters Takes Neighborhood Over

The following day a crew goes to the property to remove the 50 cubic yards of debris.  The neighbors from different houses around the property came of the crew.  The neighbors were all so happy.  They were offering the crew water, soft drinks, snacks.  One person even brought the crew bagels.

The squatters had taken over the neighborhood.  The neighbors told the crew the horrific stories of the squatter’s neighbors from hell.

Squatters Selling Drugs

Per the neighbors the property would have between 40 to 50 visitors per night.  There were gang members all through the streets of the neighborhood because of the squatter’s property.

Their houses and cars were getting broken into.

The neighbors were all coming by and saying thank you for getting the squatters out.

Stolen Car Ring – Squatters

LA’s Premier Property Maintenance was removing all the debris from the property.  We opened up the garage.  In the garage there was a dismantled car. We called in the car details to LAPD.  The car was reported stolen.

Kicked Squatters Out 

The bank sold the property within a few weeks.  And the neighborhood is restored back. 

The house sold for $941,000.00

Get rid of squatters, property board ups, security chain link fences,

Complete Property Board UP

The property was completely board up. LACPP.COM has completed thousands of board up jobs. We have completed thousands of board ups 365-24-7 days a week. We will even after hours board ups Los Angeles.

After the dwelling was completely board up there was no more problems with squatters or homeless. This gave the professional reo real estate listing agent time to market and sell the property for 100% of market value.

Safety for Real Estate Sales Agent

The real estate professional felt safe while showing the house.

We did a job not to far away from Rimpau and we were able to pass by. The property was completely remodeled and it looks beautiful.