Gardena REO Secure

Gardena REO Secure

Need a team that can remove all of the unwanted junk from a property.

Need a team that can help evict all of the unwanted tenants?

Can’t do the eviction yourself?

Allow our team at Gardena Property Preservation to do it all for you. Our reliable team of junk removal experts can help remove all of the unwanted junk, wiring, furniture, and deep clean. Allow our team to remove all of the trespassers the right way. We are properly trained to take out all squatters and unwanted tenants.

We typically call the Sheriff’s Department if there is a need to remove tenants. We make sure everything is done safely and peacefully. Allow our eviction services to help remove any unwanted people and secure that they don’t come back in the property. Our eviction services include boarding and fencing up your property. We can board up all of the windows that possible intruders might break in. We are also able to fence up all of the property to avoid anything or anyone from coming in.

Installs maintains, and repairs locks, key systems, and door hardware

If your house needs a complete job of rekeying service, we can help as well. Our team at Gardena Property Preservation can rekey all of the doors and windows of your home. This is a great way to start securing your home. You can rest assured that they won’t be able to break in the home.

Gardena Property Preservation understands the urgency of securing an abandoned or empty home, therefore, we are here to help 100%. From the moment we get the call our team of experts starts making the moves needed to clean up and secure the location. For more information on cleaning up your REO property please call us at the number below.

Call (213) 804-7437