El Monte Repair Services

El Monte Repair Services

Repair your home or property today.

Our team at El Monte Property Preservation is able to help you with any general repairs you may need. Foreclosed and abandoned homes many come with many repairs. Foreclosed homes have got to be one of the most neglected homes around. Since tenants know that they are soon to be evicted, taking care of the home is not on their mind. Tenants stop maintaining the pool or keep up with the house repairs.

Our team is able to work on any type of general repairs in the home as needed. If you need plumbing work in your restroom, kitchen, or pools, our team can help. If you need to repair roofs that leak every rainy day, our team can help. We can also replace your old carpets with new carpets as well. If cabinets and doors need to be repaired, our team can help. If you need to get rid of all of the old paint in the home and apply a fresh new coat of paint, our team can help!

There are many repairs that are needed for these type of homes. Our team is not limited to any type of repair work. We have the right tools and equipment when it comes to repairs. To hire your own handyman today call us today.

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