Culver City Securing Services

Culver City Securing Services

Secure your Culver City home today!

We are able to perform several different REO property services for you. Such as removing junk and securing the property. We can work on minor repairs if needed as well.

If you need our team to secure your REO property our team can help. We are able to board up and fence up your entire property if needed. We have dealt with many homes that have had tenants that dont want to leave from the property. For all of the foreclosed properties that need immediate assistance for tenants to be removed we make sure to call law enforcement to help out. We know how hostile some tenants can get, and removing people from their home can get real serious. We take no chances and always have the right paperwork ready for Sheriffs before arrival. After they are properly escorted out the property our team is able to properly come in and fix the home.

The way it works?

We will photo document the exterior of the subject property. We will photo document the front, the sides, and the backyard of the subject property. The photos will be used to document the condition of the property, the property lines, the debris or the junk that is on the property.

Culver City Property Preservation used the cubic yard method to measure the debris, the amount of trash that will be removed from the subject property.

We will photo document the interior of the vacant REO property. Each room will be photo documented. The photos will be used to document the condition of the interior of the property and to document the debris removed has no value and the amount of debris that will be removed from the property.

The garage, the attic, the basement and any outbuildings such as sheds will also be photo documented, for the condition of the property and that the debris removed has no value.

After all of the debris has been removed from the interior of the property, the exterior, interior including, the attic, basement, garage, common area, family room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, stairways, hallways, front porch, back porch, entryways, driveway.

The Bank Owned REO property will be photo documented, showing the property free of all the debris, junk, and that is was hauled away to the dump.

A vacant REO bank owned property that is free of all debris is more presentable to potential buyers and will demand a higher price than a property that is full do debris.

A property that has been trashed out is safer than a property that is full of debris and hazardous material.

A property that is full of debris is also a nuisance to the neighborhood. Removing a few truckloads of debris from a bank owned property can raise the value of the property by several thousand dollars.

Once we have fully removed all of the trash our team can rekey the doors in the entire home. if we need to board up windows we can also do as well. We know how previous tenants can get at times, and it is best to keep the home secured from any damage.

We offer Culver City lean out services for REO brokers and agents. We are licensed and insured. For an estimate please call us today!