Canoga Park securing services

Canoga Park Securing Services

Tired of old tenants breaking into the foreclosed home?

Don’t allow a house to get run over by old tenants that just won’t leave the property. We make sure that all of the squatters get removed from the property completely. We typically don’t get involved with tenants, but we sure do involve law enforcement to properly remove the tenants. We have encountered many evictions where there are 20 people deep in the house. That is not including all of the pets they had and all the junk they had laid out in the back.

We make sure we properly secure your property by boarding it up or fencing it up.

Board Up Canoga Park

Sometimes just fencing up the place doesn’t help to keep squatters away. They might just hop over the fence and break in through a window. Broken windows are the easiest trick in the book when it comes to breaking in. Let’s not give them the chance to break in and start boarding up those windows. We board up the windows with the right plywood and tools to keep it up.

Fence Up Canoga Park

We are able to fence up the foreclosed homes in Canoga Park with no hesitation. There are too many people that trespass and stay in the area, which diminishes the value of the property and the properties around. Don’t allow the property to get worse by the day and start fencing up the property today. For your free consultation on securing your foreclosed homes please click here for full details.