Boarding Bank Owned Properties Los Angeles

Boarding Bank Owned Properties Los Angeles

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Board up bank-owned homes so no one goes in the property.

Board up windows, board up doors, and any area that needs to be covered up.

No more break-ins…

No more squatters looking for a place to sleep.

No more old tenants that refuse to leave the property.

Allow our team to properly secure and board up your Los Angeles home.

We can apply plywood, padlocks, fences, and many more. If there is a thing or two that we know it is securing the area. We secure the area with the right material to keep anyone out of the property.

We first keep the area squatter free, making sure that no one is left inside the property. Tenants refuse to leave the property at times, and that is where we call for help. We make sure to always contact law enforcement in case the tenant refuses to leave. Sheriff department knows the exact protocol when it comes to removing the unwanted tenant in the property.

Once the tenant is out, we have the option to either take their stuff out or wait for them to take out their belonings. Once they clear the premises our team can easily go inside and clean house. Once that is done we can easily board up the entire location. We assure you that we use the best material to get it boarded up.

Our team is responsible for securing the entire place at least once a month. Inspecting the house involves checking all of the windows and doors. Making sure no one tampered with the plywood boards or locks that are used to secure the area. There are far too many homeless people in the Los Angeles area, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind trespassing for good night sleep. don’t allow the property to deteriorate from people invading it.

The following are a few boards up projects we have been able to help out in Los Angeles. Don’t wait for tomorrow what you can do today. For more information please click here.

For more information to board up your bank owned home please click here. 

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