Montebello REO Secure

Securing REO – Real Estate Owned Properties.

Installs, maintains, and repairs locks, key systems, and door hardware

Montebello Property Preservation has completed thousands of securing orders for bank owned properties in Montebello, CA. Bank Owned properties are usually abandoned or foreclosed properties that are owned by a bank, a real estate lender, a servicing company, a credit union, bank etc.…

Installs, maintains, and repairs locks, key systems, and door hardware

An REO bank owned property that is not secure is a potential liability for the investor property owner. An unsecured property is a nuisance to the neighborhood. An unsecured property invites homeless, transients, drug users to the property. Emergency Bank Owned property securing in Montebello, California is available.

Installs, maintains, and repairs locks, key systems, and door hardware

We have will change the locks on all doors, including the front metal door, the front wood door, the back wood door, the back metal door, the side kitchen wood door, the side kitchen metal door, the garage man door, the garage overhead door, the garage overhead door is secured by placing a long shackle padlock on the tracks of the garage door.

We will place padlocks on the front gate, back gate, driveway gate.

We will rekey the bank owned REO property to the client’s specific key cut specifications. We can create a unique key cut for any specific clients. This will help the listing agent to have one set of keys for all their REO properties.

Installs, maintains, and repairs locks, key systems, and door hardware

Upon the clients’ request, we will install a lockbox with two keys and padlock keys to the subject property.

Vacant Property Window Boarding Montebello
Property Preservation Montebello will board and broken or missing windows. All window boarding is completed to city specifications.

Installs, maintains, and repairs locks, key systems, and door hardware

Materials used for boarding broken windows or boarding up a vacant or abandoned property in Montebello, CA.

    • ¾ inch plywood
    • 2”X4” studs
    • ½ inch by 12” long carriage bolts
    • ½ washer

Vacant Property Door Boarding Montebello
Property Preservation Montebello will board and broken or missing doors. All Door boarding is completed to city specifications.

We have completed thousands of bank-owned property rekey in Montebello for real estate brokers and agents just like you.

Emergency Board Up Tujunga

Emergency Board Up Tujunga

Located in Tujunga, CA and find yourself trying to keep old tenants out of the home?

REO Removal

If you have an emergency boarding up a property in Tujunga, look no further your board up crew is here to help. 

When your tenant remains on your property without paying rent, he is called a holdover tenant aka “a squatter” a person who unlawfully occupies property you own.

At times squatters hold a certain attitude, as if they have certain rights to your property. If an unwelcome squatter is living in your property, your home cannot be on the market for sale. Don’t worry about unwanted visitors in the home, and start putting boarding up the home to keep them out. Put padlocks and board up to keep them out of sight. The last thing you want is your home to accumulate trash and damage to the home.

This can be very tough for owners that want to get rid of unwanted guests. That is why we are here to offer our services. There is no reason you need to go through the hassle of getting rid of old tenants or new squatters. Try to avoid squatter situations from happening. If you plan to leave your property vacant, double check that it is secure. Make sure there are no squatters left inside the home, and leave the rest to us.

Our team can do REO clean up jobs, and board up the entire home. We understand that old tenants leave a mess behind, but no worries we have a solution for that. Our team can remove any and all mess left behind. Our team has seen it all, so there is no job to small or too big for us. Our team will board up your home as soon as it is done, to assure that no one else gets back in the property. For more information please call us at .


Pool Popped Out of The Backyard [PHOTO]

Start Junk Removal Business
Start Junk Removal Business

Believe it or not, this family had a shock of their life when they saw their pool out of the ground.

This was bound to happen since there was extreme amount of pressure that it made the pool come right off the floor.

If you couldn’t tell before there is a dog and cat under that pool.

This family has to now hire men to come and fix the pool or men to come and completely dispose of the entire pool.

For that, the team of experts can demolish and remove any construction debris left behind.

This is a simple job that can be easily removed from the property.

Learn how to start your very own junk hauling business on your own.

Start Junk Hauling business knows the importance it is to remove entire project.

For full article check out this page

Start Your Summer Off Right By Turning Your Kitchen In To The Kitchen You Have Always Dreamed Of Having

Start Junk Hauling Business
Start Junk Hauling Business

Change that old sink in to the sensor motion sink you have always wanted.

Impress your new guests with a new marble top that gives your kitchen that glow that it needs.

Install the proper lighting to your home by either extending the windows in your home or simply

installing new lighting.

New light inside the kitchen can add much more energy to the kitchen.

Debris is going to be left over when trying to remodel your old kitchen or bathroom.

You are going to need to call your construction clean up team to remove all of the debris that is left over your kitchen project. There shouldn’t be a need to worry about having the material around or disposing it. Start your own construction removal team that can earn extra cash in these kind of projects. Many individuals are going to be in the same situation where they need to get rid of all kinds of construction materials. Whether it is rocks, dirt, asphalt, concrete it is all considered construction debris.

Click on this link for interior ideas you can use.

Our Beautiful city of Los Angeles Animal Shelters Are On Track To Become No Kill By Year’s End

Rescue the Puppies
Rescue the Puppies

We love the approach the city of Los Angeles is taking with the animals that are left abandoned. Its an approach that will take some time to make an effect on the number of saved animals. There will be increased funding to spay and neuter, and that that is a big part of it. But the bigger part is that Los Angeles city put a ban on puppy mills in that require all pet stores to use shelter animals. This will help the chances of puppies being sold instead of euthanize.

Similar concept goes to the items that are ‘one man’s junk another man’s treasure’. At Start Junk Hauling Businesses, we are able to donate salvageable items to charitable organizations that can use it for a good cause. There is an option to put the items for a good use instead of throwing away.

Check out the article if you want more information.

Our Beautiful city of Los Angeles Animal Shelters Are On Track To Become No Kill By Year’s End- Start Junk Hauling Business.

Three evictions in one day

We at Los Angeles County Property Preservations have completed thousands of evictions for clients in Greater Los Angeles.

We recently completed three evictions for three different clients in one day. The most evictions we have completed in one day are 5 evictions. Completing multiple evictions in one day is stressful. Moving between properties is challenging in Los Angeles traffic. However, we are dedicated to servicing our clients.

Los Angeles County Property Preservations are thoroughly familiar with the eviction procedure of Los Angeles Sheriff. We are on first name basis with most Sheriffs in Los Angeles, South Bay and San Fernando Valley. We completed the biggest eviction in California history.

LACPP follow all safety rules and procedures.

For safety, it is very important not to approach the property until the Sheriffs arrive.

Occupants may not want to leave the property and may be vengeful against the bank and asset company. Occupants may be armed and possess drugs.

The Sheriffs has a window of up to one hour to arrive at the eviction. After waiting for one hour, LACPP call the Sheriff office and ask for update – ETA. We ended up waiting for the Sheriff for a total of 3 hours.

LACPP post all notices from Sheriff Department, no trespassing signs and contact info regarding the real property and personal properties left at the property.

We properly secured the property. We locked all windows. We placed pad locks on the tracks of the overhead garage door. We installed a lockbox with keys to the property.

Three evictions Los Angeles in one day

First Property
Second Property
Third Property

LACPP provide eviction services, securing, fencing, boarding, maid services, trashout, grass cut… for REO property, bank owned property and foreclosure.



Eviction Secure Los Angeles

Los Angeles County Property Preservation (LACPP) completed an eviction secure Los Angeles, CA.
LACPP is one of a few property preservation companies that can provide high quality secure for REO properties, bank owned properties after an eviction.

We advise our clients to immediately properly secure their property to prevent occupants from moving back.

Eviction Secure Los Angeles

LACPP arrived at the property with the Sheriff

Eviction May 2016
Eviction May 2016

LACPP photo-documented the kitchen

LACPP eviction May 2016
LACPP eviction May 2016

We took photo of the shed

LACPP eviction May 2016
LACPP eviction May 2016
LACPP eviction May 2016
LACPP eviction May 2016

There are many furniture and personal properties remaining in the bathroom, living room and bed rooms.

The garage had a massive amount of junk and debris.

The external of the property is overgrown.

Rekey and post notice

Los Angeles County Property Preservation rekeyed the property, install padlocks and posted notices.

Los Angeles County Property Preservations service Los Angeles, California
LACPP provide securing, fencing, boarding, maid services, trashout, grass cut… for REO property, bank owned property and foreclosure.

The Biggest Eviction in California

The biggest eviction in California completed one of the biggest eviction in California history in 2012. The eviction was covered by KTLA.

The occupant of a bank owned property in Van Nuys CA had not make payments for 4 years. The bank pursued a foreclosure and processed to evict the occupant. At the time, there were 5 families living in the property, for a total of 18 people and 5 dogs.

The occupants installed makeshift fences made out of pallets. The makeshift fences were over 10 feet high. The occupants put signs saying that his rights were violated.

The occupant, who was good with social media, used Facebook and YouTube to gather supports. The occupants had threatened the governor, the district attorney, LAPD, Sheriff. He threatened that he would reach out to his supporters on social media to have thousands of protesters at his property. At times, the occupant had up to 100 protesters at the property.


This biggest eviction in California took the efforts from the city attorney, LAPD, Sheriffs, the asset company, attorneys from 2 law firms and Los Angeles County Property Preservation.

We were to:

  • Remove the 10 feet makeshift fence made from pallets surrounding the property.
  • Move all items, personal properties, furniture and clothing to a storage facility.
  • Install a 10 feet city approved chain link fence with 10 feet opening. The 10 feet opening is an entrance for fire trucks, in case of a fire.

We were instructed to show up to the Sheriff department at 3:00 am. We arrived at 2:30 am. At 3:00 am sharp, a sheriff deputy came out to greet us.

The Sheriff ordered a lockdown for the whole block of the property. The Sheriff stopped all people who tried to gain entry to the property in support of the occupant.

The Sheriff department had been doing surveillance on the house from a helicopter. They knew how many people and dogs were in the house, how many were sleeping or awake.

LACPP waited for the Sheriff’s signal.


At about 3:40 am, a fleet of armored vehicles left the Van Nuys Sheriff department. There were about one hundred Sheriffs in suburban tactical gear, several cars, buses, armored vehicles. They were securing the house and surrounding streets. Animal control was present to take care of the dogs in the property. The whole block was barricaded.

At about 4:05 am, LACPP crew was ordered to proceed to the property. Our crew of 18 included:

  • 2 junk haulers for the debris and makeshift fence
  • 6 professional movers
  • 4 fence installers
  • 2 truck drivers for U-Hauls to move personals properties
  • 1 professional lock smith to gain entry to the property
  • 1 video person and 1 photo camera person to document the process.
  • 1 person to help and facilitate the job
  • I was there to supervise the process and communicate with the asset company and attorneys.
Remove the pallet fence

The occupant created this 10 feet makeshift fence from pallets.

Clean up the outside
Clean up the inside

Los Angeles County Property Preservation removed the pallet fence, removed all personal properties and furniture and cleaned up. We installed a new fence. We installed the padlock on the new fence and finished the eviction at 10:00am.

After clean up

LACPP removed all personal properties and furniture. The property was empty and clean, ready for staging and sale.

The storage facility

Personal properties from the house were moved to this storage facility.

Eviction Secure Alhambra

Eviction Secure Alhambra CA

Los Angeles County Property Preservation provided an eviction secure Alhambra, California. The property was located on Palm Ave.

LACPP is one of a few property preservation companies that have the expertise to properly secure a property after an eviction.

We recommend that you immediately secure your property to prevent the occupants from returning.

LACPP arrived at the property with police officers

LACPP presented the required documents for the eviction process.


Secure the garage.

Many other companies overlook the garage when they do their initial services. The garage is very important for the safety of your property. We unplugged the automatic garage door opener before installing padlocks to garage door. This is an important step because if people try to push the garage door button from outside, the garage door and rails will not be damaged. Then we install a long shackle padlock on the rails of the garage door.

We photo documented all furniture and objects in the property.

We took photos of the kitchen. We took photos of the stove and oven.

We documented all furniture. We noted that there is no refrigerator in the property.

We safely secured the property and made sure that all furniture and items are photo-documented.

Los Angeles County Property Preservations service Alhambra, California Zipcode 91801 91802 91803 91804 91896 19899
LACPP provide securing, fencing, boarding, maid services, trashout, grass cut… for REO property, bank owned property and foreclosure.