Re-secured REO foreclosure property in Arcadia CA

Re-secured REO foreclosure property in Arcadia CA

We secure properties in the greater area of Arcadia CA.

We have helped out may clients in Arcadia that needed a good security service. In one instance we had a property that kept getting broken into by transients making the whole neighborhood unsafe. They kept breaking into the same foreclosed homes in the Arcadia neighborhood. Not only were they messing up the interior of the home, but making other neighbors aggravated. There were many reports to the authority of illicit activity by non-residents that were hanging out in the front porch. Squatters would break in the property and use it up to their own advantage.


When we were called up for the cleanup and securing service we found the property left in dismay. There were 15 occupants in the house that had to get escorted out of the property by local law enforcement. Once that was secured we came across so much trash left over by these squatters. There was junk left behind such as drug paraphernalia, dirty clothes, and unsanitary towels. There was some sort of tagging all over the house, and some walls were ripped to shreds.

Arcadia Securing and Cleaning Services

We made sure to clean up all of the junk and properly restore the place back to its normal state. We secured the home by adding plywood and changed all of the locks in the home. We secured the property with heavy duty locks and it solved the problem. There were no squatters that came in after the services we provided. There was no new break in incidents or neighbors calling the cops for fault activity from the abandoned home. Next time you are in need of a good foreclosing project don’t hesitate and call us today.